Friday, February 22, 2008

I love Mason

MASON and ABS Hanging out! He would not look at the camera because he was eating Choc Chips I gave him to stay with me :)
I know that I just blogged last night, but I had the best night tonight. I got to spend some MUCH NEEDED time with my little nephew Mason and my beautiful sister Allison and funny Cam. I have missed hanging with my family. I believe and not just because I am his aunt but Mason has got to be the cutest little person I have ever met. I hands down have the cutest nephew in the world. I was kinda nervous at first because Mason used to never give me the time of day. He would actually cry when I held him. I usually don't have this problem with kids. For some reason Mason DID NOT want to know with his aunt Abbey. It has just been recent that Mason has started to warm up to me. In fact he comes to me whenever and it makes me feel so happy. I am going to soon be his favorite aunt..mark my words. If I keep giving him chocolate chips than I will be his favorite no problem. I always work my way in and before I know it, they can't get enought of me. :) Mason has these teeth that are so cute. He in fact has the biggest cheeser of any little boy I have ever seen. He smiles and you just have to laugh because he has got these two front teeth that are hilarious. He is also turning into a little social butterfly. He went around Goodwood BBQ tonight and stopped at every table around us and just stared at them and smiled. He loves to show off his cheeser and he does the best job at it. It never is a dull moment either when you hang out with Allison and Cameron together. They started arguing at the table because Allison said that Mason has HER personality and Camerons looks. Cameron said "Oh my gosh Allison no he doesn't, he has my personality." It was so flippen funny, those two are like brother and sister when they argue. If you know Cameron and Allison, than you can totally picture the way Cameron said this and the way Allison gave him that look she always does when Cameron is bugging the crap out of her..Cameron just ended up rolling his eyes after Allison said "OH my gosh Cameron, why do you care if he has my personality!" HAHA! I see both of them in Mason and that is what makes him the coolest little guy on the planet. I just love my nephew. My family is the best. I notice the best nights I have had recently are when I spend them with my family. Congrats to Allison and Cameron they found out today they will be having another little boy. I love you guys.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sweet Frida

Ok, before you begin reading this blog...please don't judge by the way I look. I had just taught a cycle class and my hair was a mess..yikes!

Anyhoo!! I want you to take a look at this woman to my right. Her name is Frida. Now I have never met a sweeter little lady in my life. Every night I am usually one of the last of the day staff to leave Lifetime. My day would not be completed until I have my nightly talk with Frida. I am ALWAYS greeted by Frida before I leave. She arrives around 10 to begin her graveyard cleaning shift. Does not sound fun does it? Frida and I always find time to chat with one another for a few minutes before I take off for the night. I can tell she is starting to arrive early now, so she has time to talk to me. I think it makes her feel good knowing that she has somebody to talk to about her day. Intuition tells me she doesn't really have friends to talk with on a daily basis. I don't think she has been given much love or much of anyhing for a very long time. I am very observant of her and she is somebody that I want to get to know more and more as we begin our nightly conversations. Frida is someone that is very very special. Never been married, but has always wanted to get married. She told me "No guy will ever love her, only one guy loved her once." She told me the only guy she came close to marrying didn't work out. She even paid his way through college. His family didn't want to except her because she was from a Indian heritage. I always tell her she is so beautiful. She had a hard time believing me in the beginning. I now make a point of telling her as soon as she walks in the doors. She is starting to believe me more and more each time, because she lifts her chin and giggles now. I seriously love it!
She spends all day working for a caterer and you can tell does not get much down time. She goes home from her day job to make herself dinner and heads back to work at Lifetime for the night. Her shift is from 10-6 am. She than goes home and sleeps for a few hours before she starts at her catering job again at about noon the next day. Frida also takes care of her brothers kids full time. She has literally nothing. You can tell her most valued possession is the beads she wears around her wrists.
I have never felt so humbled by one human being and I want Frida to know how amazing she has been in my life. I honestly want to write to Oprah and send her away on a pampering spa vacation. Frida is simply so deserving of everything wonderful. Frida, thanks for the talks and helping me to understand just how blessed I am in my own life! I have only known you for a short time but you have taught me miles of lessons. If everyone had a chance to talk to Frida, you would understand what I am talking about, she has a pure simplicity about her that not alot of people will ever reflect.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

This Weeks Highlights

This is Amelia and Melissa..These two made last week great!

I thought that since it was Sunday and It has been quite the say the least. I would like to post a few highlights of my past week. So here it goes!

~Started hanging out with a new friend-Jen you are great!

~Finished up choreographing my new Fusion release for the month that took me more than 30 hours to create. YIKES! A lot of late nights grinding my brain for new moves and music, gone to good use today when I taught it for the first time this morning.

~Was given another spin class! I will be teaching two on Monday nights now back to back! YAY!

~The most amazing talk I have ever heard today at church given by an amazing person. It changed my life

~Alma 32

~Melissa was engaged! My friend Melissa, Oh gosh I love this girl more than anything in the world.

~CYCLE FRIDAY'S..with the GANG...12 noon....would not miss it for anything!

~Oprah Winfrey, she had some great shows on this week :)

~Ran 11 Miles

~American Idol, loved sitting up late watching the is going to be a fantastic season. Plus, I kinda think Simon is hot!


~I mananged to get through another Valentines single..congrats Abbey!

~Saw an old friend

~Madelyn and Sarah's Valentines to me

~Stacey Gates Valentine chocolate frog prince she gave to me...Love you Stacey!

~My new Nike watch I found at ross for really cheap!

~THE SUN came out FINALLY!

~My Mom

~Amelia sent me a really funny text...I'll write it out..I laughed my guts out. Now don't judge me by this!!! Amelia-"Remember that one time when you pooped in the backyard on 12671 HAHA" that was the funniest text of the week. Cause you have to know the history behind that one!

~Heather C..she is the greatest person. She is my employee at the front desk, totally brightened my week and she didn't even know it!

~Kelly Dunford a member at Lifetime paid me a very nice compliment yesterday, so did Leah another employee..thank girls that goes a long way!

~My running group Tues/Thurs 6 am. They are doing soo soo good! I am proud to say I am their coach. Angela, Patti, Stacey, Melissa, Megan, Corina, Steve.....They inspire me!

Well thats all folks! I had a long week, but I guess from the looks of it. It was not so bad after all! It helps me to notice the small and simple things of life that truly bring a happy day on! Remember, life is too short to dread the things that really don't matter. Live it up next week!

Monday, February 11, 2008

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." -Winston Churchhill

I have a lot on my mind again tonight. Last week was absolutly nuts, I was running around constantly like a chicken without its head. I was completely emotionally, mentally and physically done by last night. I decided that I was going to turn my phone off by 7:00 and I was going to dis connect from the outside world for a couple of hours. I needed to before I started over again the next morning. So, last night my amazingly cute little niece and nephew Savannah and Ethan came over for dinner. It was so nice to walk in the door and see them smiling and happy to see their favorite aunt. I was awnry and I felt bad because I was not as chipper as them, but they quickly reminded me how blessed I am to have such an amazing family. I decided to turn my mood around and enjoy the night. I sat on the couch and watched the grammy awards. My favorite night of the year...well it ties with the Oscars. Allison would have to agree with me. Savannah and Ethan snuggled up to me as we watched the entertainment of the many artists. Some we would laugh our butts off because they were so freaking weird. Like "Amy Winehouse" "YIKES!" Ethan liked Kayne West's little routine, but I am not a fan. I was all about Tina Turner and Beyonce. I also love the Beetles love. It was so cool! Most of the artists I would pick to win were not there, like U2, Sarah Mclachlan, Peter Gabriel. Maybe I am just boring. I do like Cindy Lauper..and I loved how funky she still dresses. All in all it was so nice to just be home and to sit down and do nothing but watch the tube. I even popped myself some popcorn. It helped obviously because today was an awesome day! I had the best time at work tonight..doing again what I love. The people in my life are so important to me and I want them all to know how much I love them. I love my family and friends with all my heart. I love meeting new people. I love my life. So, even though last week was long and it never seemed to end....I am alive and happy and I need to never take it for granted. As for Savanah and Ethan, thank you for snuggling with me last night. It meant the world to me and it was all that I needed to re-engergize myself for this up and coming week. This is a picture of us sitting on the couch last night together.
Until next time, BREATHE in a FANTASTIC week! :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Good News!

Its official I can share my bit of good news! Now, I am sorry if I left some of you hanging. I didn't mean to, it is not really a big deal. I mean it is huge for me, but it was really nothing that should have left you going nuts! I will share the news though, since a lot of you are my friends.

As most of you know I teach group fitness every day and it is a huge part of my life. Well, until I get job seems to be #1 in my life. Anyways, I was approached by my fitness director a couple of weeks ago and she informed me that I would be going to Minneapolis to present in front of the founder and CEO of Lifetime Fitness as well as the national group fitness department for Lifetime. NERVE RACKING to say the least! I couldn't say no though..I would be crazy! This year the CEO wants to bring new energy into cycling. He wants this to be one of his main focuses. He has asked each club to nominate an instructor that they feel can fill these shoes and come to help build up the Cycle program across the company. This is a nationwide company oppertunity. I have the oppertunity to increase my passion and share it with not only the people in my own club but with the founder as well as many others. I get to train and help develop new creative ideas when it comes to teaching cycling. I get to go do this in March. I can't wait! This is something I have always dreamed of, I can't believe she picked me! I get to represent South Valley Utah and I can't wait! Thanks for this amazing oppertunity Kaycee. I LOVE YOU!

So, there you go! That is my good news. I just had to share, it was killing me! Time to celebrate! In the meantime come and take a cycle class from me. If you are not a member of Lifetime, that is ok! Come anyways, I can get you in anytime! Just let me know :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Kids, Gotta love em!

I love to babysit kids of most ages. :) I love them because they always are honest. They teach me to live honestly. If you ask them a question, you can always count on them telling you the truth. If they are not telling you the truth than you immediatly know they are not telling you the truth. It is not that hard to figure it out. I have always felt that I am a kid magnet, because they know I love them and I am real when it comes to being their friend. I want to be somebody that children can look up too and someone that they can count on to be there for them if they needed me for something. So, I wanted to just let all my special kids in my life know how much I love them all in a very special way. Savannah, Ethan, Sarah, Madelyn, Mason, Vincent, Christopher, Maddie, Brie, CeCe, Noah, Parker, Kendall, Sierra...Man I love you! Just know that I am your friend for life if you need me for anything!!

So, I do have good news...but I can't elaborate on it just yet!! I have to be cautious on what I put on my blog. Just know that I am happy! My life has been given a great oppertunity! If you are my good friend you will know sooner then later. :)

Until next time, I will be happy!!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008


As far as I am concerned these are some of the greatest individuals I have met in my life. Doc, Jenn, Andrea and Debb. Love you guys! They are some of the instructors I work with over at Lifetime fitness. I have the greatest team and support. There are many more that I wish were in this picture. This is my family away from home. Ps..I have recieved some very good news...I will be able to announce it in a few days. VERY VERY EXCITING! Can't wait to tell all of you! Have a great weekend!
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