Friday, March 28, 2008


Hey all! I told you I would update once I got back and I just have not had the time. Plus I have not recieved my pictures from the trip. I will get my pictures this week and post them asap! I thought I would still write a blog and let everyone know how things panned out!

This oppertunity was one of the best experiences of my life! I have never learned so much from others in my life. I met some pretty incredible mentors. We first arrived and I new that I was in for a very long two days. Kaycee who was my roommate never ceased to keep me entertained. LITERALLY! I don't think I have ever laughed that hard and that much in my life. I absolutely have to thank her for my entertainment for the two days we spent in Minnesota. When we got there we were greeted by our van members. Kaycee would be driving the van which again...I was not sure what to think of this idea. ;) Daina and Tara from Texas Life Time was waiting for us at the baggage terminal. They were so dang cute! We also met two other girls and they were sweet as well...except these two did not understand our Utah sense of humor. We experienced a few awkward silences and than I would just start laughing my guts out with Kaycee because at least we thought we were really funny. We were so tired by the time we got to our hotel room after dinner that we went and purchased about six laffy taffy's, a bag of licorice and chilled out on our bed. We also watched and made fun of the first episode of the Bachelor. I again almost peed from laughing...Kaycee you kill me! We did not sleep the first night..we should have because we both had no idea what was in store for us the next morning.

Tuesday we woke up really early, put our cycle clothes on and headed down to Eden Prairie Life Time in the VAN. We walked into the cycle room to be greeted by Kimberly Spreen who is the national group fitness director for Life Time. 65 nervous instructor attendees from across the company occupied most of the bikes. I started feeling overwhelmed with excitement! Sitting on the instructor bike was Bahram the CEO himself. Now I have never met a nicer person. He was so warm and inviting and I was very impressed. I was not sure what to expect from our CEO and I was quickly reminded at why I work for this company. There were two bikes waiting for Kaycee and I smack dab in the front of the room. We were trying to make a bee line for the back row....Kimberley told us to take the two bikes in the front instead..YIKES! So for two hours we cycled in the hardest class of our lives! We could not even cry for mercy. It was a two hour z4, anaerobic threshold, sugar burning fest of a class. It was cool that Bahram him self taught this class...he is hilarious. I just kept glancing over at Kaycee and she would glance back and we both acknowledged the fact that this was never going to end. A few words were exchanged...if you know what I mean. The class finally ended and we headed back to the hotel to get changed out of our sweat drenched clothes so we could enjoy our first catered sushi for lunch and our first brainstorming session.

It was awesome to rub shoulders with Rob Glick who is on the Nautilus Board. He presents at Idea every year. He also works with Life Time. He was there the whole weekend and I felt like I was amongst some industry celebs...which in your case wouldn't mean anything. I on the other hand felt as if I was hanging out with Brad Pit. Rob Glick is big time. Now I wont ramble forever but I met some great people and life long friends.

We spent two days cycling, eating sushi, brainstorming and laughing. I had something pretty incredible happen to me that I will elaborate on for the last paragraph of my blog. So, we were wrapping up the last brainstorming session and Bahram (ceo) single handedly picked me from the group and asked me to come up to the front of the room. He then goes on to ask me questions about myself. In the end of this little moment with my CEO, I walked out of there 1 of 5 people that will be on the board of directors for the cycle club throughout the company nationwide! I wanted to pinch myself, I did not believe this was happening. I glanced over and saw Kaycee, she was clapping for me and smiling so big! I in the moment was humbled by everything and I knew that I could not take this moment for granted. Now I have a big responsibility and I feel like I am actually moving upward with my passions. All my hard work is starting to pay off and I could not be more excited!

So, it was awesome! I met amazing people, laughed till no laughing came out and ate sushi until I could not eat anymore. I love my job and I love the fact that I can live within my passions. I have so much more to learn. I love it!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

This weeks Highlights!

I thought I would blog about my past week. It was so busy! I am now getting ready tonight to bored a jet plane tomorrow morning and head off to Minnesota. I am going with my Group Fitness Director to the Cycle Summit at Corporate Head quarters for Lifetime fitness. I am so excited to meet the CEO and the other 65 instructor attendees from around the nation. Thank you again Kaycee for giving me this oppertunity. I will blog about my trip when I get back at the end of the week. I will take many pictures! Until then...breathe in a GREAT week!

This weeks highlights:

-Fusion Launch went amazing! PHEW! All my hard work as well as 3 other of my fellow instructor friends hard work paid off! We had 65 members show up and it was so much fun to teach with all of the postive energy in the room!

-Costco sheet cake..thanks for having a birthday Andrea and Heidi :)

-My friend Julie L joined the Lifetime fitness team! YAY!

-Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies

-Megan and Jessie, I love my best friends

-Johnathon my autistic friend that comes to my cycle classes. The way he dances, flexes his muscles and blows me kisses after every class.

-American Idol was fantastic this week. Brooke and Carlie are still standing! :)

-Amelia...she always brightens my day, just to know she is there makes me happy. A phonecall away

-My new hair color. Ashton does a fabulous job! Thanks for making me pretty

-Sales at American Eagle and Aeropostle

-I had the house to myself, major highlight

-The pages of the Book of Mormon. The 2000 strippling warriors....left me in humility

-Emily and Melissa our daily lunch dates in the Life Cafe at work. We order the same thing each time and eat at the same table. Love these girls.

-Madelyn and Sarah our date to see "Horton hears a who" Very Cute! These girls melt my heart

-Sweet Potato fries from Rumbi grill YUMMY!

-I hung out with a hotty named Justin and that is all that matters!

-Rhianna Burger, I sure realized how much I miss this girl. I had a chance to hang with her on Friday night. LOVE YOU!


-Priesthood blessing from the best Dad

-Realizing the ambition I have and feeling very content with my life

-Jessie, a member that came to my Fusion class this morning...gave me a hug after class and told me how much she loves class and how much she is inspired each week when she comes. I realized more today why I do what I do!

-Whitney Pogue..I just love this person with all my heart

-The Sun

-Good Ol Tivo...My guilty pleasure...THE HILLS....Very Addicting

-Cycle Friday's...but we missed Deb this week

-My Aunt Nanete and my cousin Mekayla, I love you! They made my week happier!

-Interview with David went well and I am ok with whatever the outcome will be! I love you Melissa

Well that about sums up my week. It was great! I could not ask for a better past few days!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Ok, so I am obsessed with American Idol this season. I am already placing bets on these two! Carlie Smithson and Brooke White. They are my absolute favorites. I don't know if you watched the singing on Tuesday night but I had chills running down my spine when these two took the stage. I love the Beetles! I was so excited when they chose those songs. They both delivered in the most amazing way! Carlie had so much confidence and her voice is simply untouchable. She took "Come together" to another level in my book. She is definetly my first choice and I hope that she ends up in the finale this year. I am also very impressed by Brooke White. I was kinda worried in the beginning of the competition and was not sure if she was going to make it very far...being really nice! I thought maybe there would not be anything interesting about her except the fact that she is LDS. I now know I would buy a cd if Brooke were to record by the way she has been singing with so much passion. She is my second favorite and is so original. Her heart and passion is in it 100 percent! I literally shed tears after she sang "Let it be"and I was so proud of what she accomplished. These two better go all the way, because there is nobody that can even come close to these two! I am pretty glad that David went home tonight...although Kristy Lee Cook did the worst last night. I was not into her cowboy rendition of "Eight days a week."

PS.....Simon is hot! ;)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Blessings and My Bike

My Four Parents
Lotoja 2007

The Burgermiesters

Whitney and Sue are the cheese of my macaroni when it comes to biking!

I decided that I really am a fact I probably blog more than anyone in bloggerville. Here I am again posting yet another blog on another late Sunday night. I needed to blog about two things. My bike and my blessings. My bike is patiently waiting for me to dust the frame off and take it out for its first spin of the 2008 season. I am highly anticipating this moment. In fact with the spring fever I am having along with this amazing weather...I think I will attempt this tomorrow morning. I will keep my fingers crossed for another beautiful day. I am loving this streak of early spring weather we are receiving. Please spring stay and do not go away! PLEASE! I love especially riding with my bike mentors Whitney and Sue. They are the coolest gals in the world and can beat any body up a mtn. I mean anybody! So, all you biking peeps out there watch out! We are rearing to go! Don't look back because you might miss us as we pass you up Little, Big, East, Millcreek, American Fork and Rose canyons this year. Not to mention good ol Suncrest. I can't wait to pump up Ruby's tires tomorrow morning and take her for a spin!
On a second note, I can't tell you enough how much I love the Burgermiesters. I was having a downer of a Saturday night. I decided to go over and watch the Jazz game with my family away from home. This consists of Jeff, Sherry and my best buddy Megan. They have no idea the impact they place in my life. Sherry thank you for your hug it meant the world. Jeff, thanks for just making me laugh. The way you watch the Jazz game is entertaining. Megs, what would I do without you? I have no idea! Your my soul sister. I love you even if you ask a billion questions. One after the other. You guys are truly my blessings. I sure love you more than life!
Mom and Dad...I feel like telling you how much I love you! Thanks for being there for me always. Dad, thanks for singing the mickey mouse club song today to cheer me up! You had no idea I was lauging so hard. You wouldn't stop you just kept singing. Along with some others, "Tomorrow from Annie","Ba Ba black sheep" and whatever the heck else you were singing as I was sitting at the computer desk listening to you. I love you. Mom, thanks for buying me a necklace from Urban Blues and putting it on my bed this week. I love you even if it was a necklace that I will probably take back..haha! You meant well, I just don't think I will be wearing a peace sign. I loved that you love me so much to buy me a necklace with a peace sign hanging from it. Truly your the best mom anyone can ask for and I love you more each day! Your beauty amazes me on a daily basis.
Well, thats all folks! I had a great weekend. Now, time to start a new week! I can't wait!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


So I can't help it, I got this idea from someone elses blog and I found it very interesting and entertaining to read. I am now going to try and attempt to list 100 facts about here goes nothing!

1. I am in love with music, I could spend all night browsing I tunes and never get bored. I think it has become an addiction.
2. I am a very Loyal person
3. It is hard for me to hold a grudge
4. I believed in Santa Clause till I was 12
5. I have never had a Big Mac
6. I have never had a real Coke
7. I can touch my nose with my tongue
8. I can tap dance, I took lessons back in the day and got pretty good
9. I used to think I was going to become the next Julia Roberts and told my parents I was going to run away to Hollywood after highschool and make it big...didn't really work out that way.
10. I have a huge obsession with Jackets
11. My favorite color is Brown
12. I love the mountains at Sunrise, simply BREATHTAKING in my book
13. I believe in Karma
14. I can stand on my head
15. I love anything NEW AGE
16. I am very scared of flying in airplanes
17. When I was little I peed my pants every time I ran into an adult or someone bigger than me, I was really shy! Pee would just automatically run down my legs. In 2nd grade I peed when at the Library when I looked up to see a 6th grader staring at me. They had me wear some under roos from the lost and found until my mom came and picked me up. Allison had to leave her 5th grade class to come be with me because her sister peed her pants.
18. I want to own a Yoga studio one day
19. I want to name my first girl Zoe and my first boy Seth
20. My favorite place in the world is Lake Powell
21. My favorite ride at Disney land is The Tower of Terror, I once went on it 18 times in a row
22. I get REALLY sick on roller coasters
23. I love watching the Disney Channel
24. I have a very messy room and car and it bugs me that I am not clean, but I still never change
25. My favorite singer of all time is Sarah Mclachlan
26. I love to have my alone time
27. I hate large parties, I get anxiety and will rarely go
28. I think I am a people pleaser
29. I am really hard on myself
30. I am very intuitive
31. I am very stubborn
32. I can eat the frosting off of an entire sheet cake no problem
33. My favorite candy is Red Vines and M&M's
34. I used to call Pajamas, Bajamas when I was a little girl
35. My mom changed my name to Abigail when I was 8
36. I used to swallow spaghetti noodles whole without chewing them to make people laugh
37. I am left handed
38. I can paint a mural of any kind on a wall
39. I know exactly what I want in life and I wont give up on it until I achieve my dreams
40. I have never experienced a brain freeze
41. I sleep with the bathroom light on sometimes...I get scared
42. I will only run in Adidas shoes
43. I love The Lion King and the music from Lion King, there is nothing like it in the world
44. I want to be a writer
45. I am really tickelish
46. I love gossip magazines and I buy them everytime I go to the store
47. My favorite movie is Nottinghill
48. My #1 reason of being on this earth is to become a mother some day. I aspire to be the best soccer mom around town
49. My favorite game to play when I was little was Under our Legs with my sister Allison. I have no idea how we came up with that name, but we made up the game.
50. I love sitting on my porch on a summer night around 7:00 pm PERFECT!
51. I love the sound of kids playing out side
52. I shop when I am having a bad day
53. I am very picky when it comes to buying things
54. I want to be an olympic gold medalist
55. My brother Garrett is my hero
56. I love going to southern California New Port Beach
57. I have an obsession with working out, it is my true OCD
58. I take a Bath every day, I RARELY take showers
59. I love getting my hair colored and I change it quite a bit
60. I am a natural person, not girly girl one bit. I try sometimes but it only lasts about a day
61. I really see the best in people
62. I make friends easily
63. I think so much that sometimes my brain hurts
64. My dream is to travel the world, yet I am scared to fly in airplanes
65. I am a procrastinator
66. I have tried out for SURVIVOR 3 times
67. I can lip sink like nobody's business to Bette Midlers-Miss Otis Regrets
68. I love going to Vegas
69. I am obssessed with having clear skin
70. I am not good at dancing and bowling
71. I sing really loud in my car when I am by myself
72. I feel more beautiful each day
73. I am not so good at school, yet I wish I had a PhD
74. My favorite flowers are Orchids
75. I love homemade oreo icecream
76. 4th of July is my favorite holiday
77. There is not a better feeling of crossing a much anticipated finish line
78. I am very cautious and never take risks
79. My favorite games are...Candyland, Sorry, and Balderdash
80. I am really good at Guitar Hero
81. I am very aware of things around me
82. I don't like it when others are uncomfortable around me in a situation and I always try to make them feel at ease
83. I cannot cross my eyes and it bugs me
84. I love skiing at Alta ski resort
85. I love going on canyon drives in the summer and fall
86. I like to be in control
87. I love Ketchup on my Mac and Cheese and My Pizza dipped in Ranch
88. My favorite restaraunt is Porcupine Grill
89. My favorite road in Utah is Wasatch Blvd
90. My favorite hymn is "If you could hie to Kolob"
91. I am NOT a morning person and I can stay up all night
92. I love sleeping on the top of house boats at Lake Powell...I LOVE star gazing
93. I am horrible at Math
94. I made up my own language called SCODIAX when I was a little girl and I still can speak it fluently today..just ask!
95. I love to bury myself in blankets in my bed
96. I LOVE BBQ's and Rainbow Flip Flops in the summer
97. I love reading self help and philosophical books
98. I am too much about the CHASE..But I am very happy that I have not tied the knot yet, I have lived an amazing life thus far!
99. I cannot stand to hear people eat cereal in front of me
100. I have a strong sense of right and wrong and I have been given some rare gifts and I am thankful for them each day of my life.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Tag, I'm It!!!!!
Ok my little sister tagged me and I have really not anything interesting to say but here it goes...


1. What was I doing ten years ago? It was the end of my sophomore at Alta Highschool, playing on the basketball team that year and hanging out with all the girls from my team. I was obsessed with basketball and loved the Jazz. I was also working as a Zuka blender at Zuka Juice in Draper. I was trying really hard to be cool back then...haha!

2. 5 things to do today. Today is Tuesday, I already went to the gym and coached run club to the best group of people in the world. I have Fusion still to teach at noon. I will be in Debbs body attack video today at 1 pm. I work at 4PM-10PM and I will finish off my day watching American Idol that I will watch from Tivo when I get home from work tonight.

3. What snacks do I enjoy? I love snacks. I am definetly a snacker. I love Kirkland Trail mix but I love to take the m&m's out first because they have salt all over them. I love to snack on wheat thins and cottage cheese. I love little candies..skittles, valentines candy hearts, m&m's, laffy taffy's and Redvines. I also snack on Protien bars and drinks during the day.

4. What would I do if I were suddenly a billionaire? I would pay off some debt. I would buy a house. I would buy a new Range Rover. I would buy a bike better than Lance Armstrongs. I would give LOTS of money to a charity to get rid of hunger in Africa. I would get some really expensive skin therapy. I would travel the world, probably go on a humanitarian expedition around Africa for a few months. I would hike Mt. Kilomanjaro. I would go on a really big shopping spree in New York and at the same time go watch Lion King on Broadway. I would invest and save money for a rainy day.

5. 3 bad habits. I am really bad at returning phone calls. Don't call me and leave a voicemail because you probably won't hear back from me. I tend to procrastinate and its not good. I am a worrier, I worry way too much about things that I should not worry about.

6. 5 places I've lived. Edinburgh, Scotland. Laie, Hawaii. Draper, Utah. Logan, Utah

7. 5 jobs i've had.
Oh gosh I have had a lot of jobs..seriously! So I will pick my 5 favorites!
1. I was a lifeguard at Magic Waters, some of the funnest times of my entire life. 2. Ski Instructor at Alta Ski Resort for 3 years, again some of the best times of my life. 3. Zuka Blender/Zuka Juice. 4. Treehouse athletic club, I freakin lived there most summers since 1999..but I will never forget the people and the memories that changed my life in so many ways. 5. LIFETIME Fitness, currently working in the best job I have ever had. I love every minute spent there....well mostly ;)

8. 5 things people don't know about me. Well, this is kinda a hard one.
I secretly have a slight crush on Simon Cowell, I know he has man boobs but there is something hot about him that I can't deny myself.
I secretly want to be a rock star, if I had a chance to live again and pick a hobby on the side I would be the next lead singer and guitarist of a successful career.
I have ran 7 marathons including Boston and New York City, I will be running my 8th in April. I have done Lotoja twice and will be doing a Ironman in 2009.
I want to be a successful writer and novelist and one day mark my words my book will be on the Oprah book club list.
I am really into Newage things, books, music, I have a good sense of what I want in life and have really strong intution. I am a Yogi at heart. I know kinda a little weird. ;)

Thats all folks!!!!

I tag whoever wants to do this if you have not done it already!!
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