Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer Highlights 2008

This summer has been a BLAST!TRIPS TO BEAR LAKE, MS 150 RIDE. I am now feeling the summer finally winding down and coming to a close. A little bit depressing, but I am excited for the fall. It is my favorite time of year. I thought I would blog and post some of the pictures that highlighted my summer. I really am blessed with a great group of friends, job, and people in my life! I had the time of my life this summer of 2008!

MS 150 our registration and signing into the race!

This was our hotel room, 4 girls in one bed and Deb on the floor! WORST NIGHT SLEEP OF MY LIFE, but still a highlight to say the least! We all still managed to ride 100 miles the next day!

All the girls! LOVE YOU!

A bunch of girls hugging a tree! I can't explain myself here, the tree was available!

Posing cute on the stairs, we got bored at camp and decided to walk around and found ourselves here on these stairs! HA HA! We are cute!

THE FAB 4, I'm sorry but nobody could keep up with us in the end! HE HEEE!

DOC AND ABBEY! I love this person with all my heart! He is another rockstar instructor at Lifetime!

Me just riding, I don't know how Kaycee managed to take this picture!

Abbey and Debbie, also one of the greatest gals I know, we had a blast together. She is also a rockstar instructor at Lifetime Fitness

Me doing what I do best! Clicking my heels! :)

Doing a headstand in Bear Lake! Seemed appropriate at the time!

Getting ready to bike 52 miles around the BIG BLUE BEAR LAKE! YAY!


This is attractive!

Getting ready to play cards. Abbey, Kaycee and Heidi! My condo in Bear Lake

Kaycee directing us to do some Yoga Poses in Bear Lake once again, we thought it was appropriate at the time. We didn't say it would be attractive. :)

The 4 girls, Abbey, Heidi, Kasi, and Kaycee. LOVE MY TAN LINES! I think I bike alot! :) SEXY!

Heidi and Abbey lounging out in the lake on our green tubes

Can I say Baywatch BABES! OH YEAH!

Me just laughing my guts out! HAVING A BALL!

I seriously thank all those in my life that cheer me up on a daily basis and make life good! I love you all! Until next time, have FUN!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Love Savannah

I had to post today on a special person in my life. I love all my nieces and nephews with all my heart but I wanted to pay attention to my niece Savannah on this blog. Her and I have been really close since the day she was born on August, 10th 1997. We have a bond that is amazing. I just found out that my sister and her family will be moving to Iowa the beginning of September. I will miss them so much. I will especially miss Savannah and all the fun times we have had hanging out. Here is 25 things about Savannah and why I love Savannah. You are beautiful!

1. Savannah is the sweetest person and friend
2. Savannah can immitate an english accent like nobody's business. You wouldn't beable to tell a difference between her and real englishmen. :)
3. She gives the best hugs in the world
4. She is absolutely hillarious
5. She is an amazing sister to Ethan
6. She has an amazing ability to make you feel better
7. She will hang out with me if I need a friend
8. She loves frosting like me
9. She is a great older cousin, all of her little cousins love her and want to follow her everywhere
10. She is kind hearted
11. She is a huge help
12. She always listens to me, I have told her secrets that nobody else knows.
13. She is so outgoing, everyone wants to be Savannah's friend
14. Christlike in every way possible
15. She hates candy but loves Chocolate, and her favorite place to eat is Sweet Tomatoes
16. She looks up to her Aunt Abbey and it makes me feel good
17. She is a dog LOVER and if Amanda would let her, she would own every dog breed in the world.
18. Her favorite tv show is Moonlight and she loves Vampires :)
19. She hates that she is tall, but I think she is beautiful...she is going to be tall like her aunt.
20. I know she will always be there for me if I needed a friend
21. She is obsessed with swimming
22. Her laugh is contagious
23. Her favorite vacation is Lake Powell, like me
24. She is down to earth and genuine
25. Savannah is going to be a leader in life, I love you!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I am grateful

Its been awhile since I last posted. I have been so busy! I have not even stopped to breathe and absorb my day. Today however was my 27th birthday, and I am OLD in Utah years. Its pretty rare that a girl my age does not have 4 or 5 kids already. Get the violins out ok.....HA! Anyways, today I woke up not really excited to celebrate my birthday, knowing I was going into another year yet again single and not loving it! ;) Now, I am not complaining or throwing a pity party but I have come to the conclusion that when I do tie the knot, angels will be singing hallelujah from above. Today I went on an amazing bike ride by myself and while I was out I realized that I had every reason to be grateful. I need to stop worrying about everything and just focus on the simple things that make me feel happy. They are simple and its so cool that it is nothing money can buy. I am truly grateful for the 27 amazing years of my wonderful, blessed life. I now feel like a very lucky YOUNG woman. I also have decided that this year is going to bring good things in my life. I have a heart full of gratitude and If it is ok I would like to share with all of you fellow bloggers and friends what I am grateful for tonight.

I am grateful:

I am grateful for my family, what an incredible family I been blessed with in my life. Ryan, Shelly, Amanda, Garrett, Allison, Amelia, Brittany, Adam, Cameron, Jason, Savannah, Ethan, Sarah, Madelyn, Vincent, Mason, and Dillon.

I am grateful for my health, I am not suffering from any terminal disease. I am able to run, bike, hike, wakeboard, ski, yoga, ect. ect. I couldn't be more blessed.

I am grateful for the many accomplishments that I have experienced and that have made me a stronger person. 7 Marathons, including Boston and NYC,1/2 Marathons, Relays, Lotoja 2006-2007 and soon to be 2008.

I am grateful for this beautiful place I get to live in. Utah is incredible place and I am so lucky to be here with a roof over my head. I am absolutly so grateful for our mountains.

I am grateful for a bubble bath at the end of my day. (It is one of my most favorite things)

I am so grateful for good music. I love Sarah Mclachlan, Peter Gabriel, Enigma, Colbie Calliet, Enya, Movie Soundtracks, U2, Tori Amos, Alanis Morrisette, and Ronan Hardiman. (Those are my favorites)

I am grateful for my job. I am so PASSIONATE about what I do. I love to teach group fitness. It is my calling in life to inspire, motivate and help others reach a healthy way of life through fitness. I love my friends that I work with all my heart, you know who you are, THANK YOU for inspiring me.

I am grateful for my best friends. Megan Burger and Jessie Shurtleff. There is nobody like these two

I am grateful for my parents, without them I would have not succeeded the way I have in my life.

I am grateful for a beautiful sunrise and sunset

I am grateful for my trials. They make me a stronger person

I am grateful to LOVE so much that is aches inside

I am grateful for inspiring athletes and people

I am grateful for the men that have rejected me, because it only gets me closer to my husband

I am grateful for all the kids I have babysat, because it has prepared me to become a mother someday

I am grateful for the teachers that have become great friendships in my life. You know who you are and I will always love you. Some are not in my life anymore and some will be in my life forever. You have made me strong

I am grateful for a good plate of Sushi at the end of a work day

I am grateful for my yoga mat

I am grateful for a still mind

I am grateful for my road bike, without this in my life...well I don't even want to imagine

I am grateful for Little Cottonwood Canyon, Big Cottonwood Canyon, American Fork Caynon, Emmigration Canyon, Millcreek Canyon, Suncrest for these canyons have caused many wonderful moments in my life on my bike

I am grateful for my Grandpa Weston Daw, for his life has given me something to live by through example

I am grateful for the gospel

I am grateful for Prayer

I am grateful for laughter

I am grateful for my bed

I am grateful for trees, I LOVE trees! I know kinda a weird thing about me.

I am grateful for color! My favorites, RED, BROWN and GREEN

I am grateful for Failure, it gives me a reason to do better

I am grateful for tears

I am grateful for the MOON

I am SO grateful for the stars (Esp at Lake Powell)

I am grateful for boat rides

I am grateful for the snow

I am grateful for education

I am grateful for honesty

I am grateful for compliments

I am grateful for the members that come to my classes at Lifetime. Its all about you and I am in love with teaching you and being taught by you

I am grateful for movies, some of my favorites, Charlottes Webb (there is not a better story about friendship) Runaway Bride, The Last Samurai, The Sandlot, Nottinghill, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1 and 2, Never Been Kissed, The Notebook, ect ect.

I am grateful for my friend Nadine, she is an angel

I am grateful for the Oprah show..there have been some good books on there and one day I will have one her list of my own

I am grateful for all the dogs my dad gave away, I was attached to all of them. I am sorry!

I am grateful for my childhood, because it was magical

I am grateful for so many wonderful things in my life. I could go on forever, but most importantly. I am grateful for MY LIFE.

Be Grateful, I need to be more grateful! It makes your day better to think about what you really have in your life.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bear Lake Trip! One great weekend!

I love my mom! SO MUCH! Hanging on the boat after a great wakeboarding run!

I just got home from a weekend trip to Bear Lake with the family. I got off work early on Friday, so I was excited to get out of town and enjoy some down time. Yesterday was one of the best day's I have had in a very LONG time. It was a perfect day in every way possible. I started out the day riding my bike around the 52 mile loop of Bear Lake. I was completely in my element. Once I was home and very tired from my ride I met my family down at the beach. I was content just sitting there with my brothers and sisters, talking and catching up, while the kids played on a floaty in the lake. We rarely get this time with eachother and I didn't realize how bad I needed this time spent with all of them. We went for a boat ride after dinner when nobody was out on the lake. Wakeboarding is my favorite thing to do besides riding my road bike. I was like a little girl on Christmas morning when I was strapping my wakeboard on my feet, and getting ready to jump in the water. It was a perfect time of night. The sun was about to go down and the glare of the sunset on the water took my breath away literally. I was the only one out on the lake for miles. It was complete peace that I have not felt for a long time. Garrett talked me into riding the tube with him to finish off the night. Justin was the driver of the boat and he was not messing around and I thought I was going to die. I have never heard Garrett laugh so hard in my life, it was like a little boy. Garrett had also never heard me say a few choice words when I thought his 200 pound body was going to land on me as we skid across the lake! It was the best night! After we got done boating the night ended eating Bear Lake shakes and playing games. I really have the best family in the world and I am so lucky! I have never been so grateful for one weekend. It was BLISS! Here are some pictures!

My Dad, Amanda my sister and her family. Look at my dad! What a crack up! LOVE IT!

Me and my brother, he is my hero! I look up to him so much!

Garrett my awesome brother!

Me and little Ethan, he was excited because he got to hang with the adults on the boat without the other kids. He felt pretty special

Abbey and Madelyn just being silly at our condo!

Another one :)

Me wakeboarding..I was in paradise! I would rather be doing this than ANYTHING!

Can I go back?



This is a sexy looking boat! I LOVE BOATS and ANYTHING to do with boating. It just brings a smile to my life!

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