Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Best Thing About Today

The best things about my day come unexpected. I love the great mystery of life! The fact that I get the opportunity to live in today and experience things that increase my capacity to love more than I ever thought I could. Today was another day full of unexpected blessings, that made me feel grateful for the place that I hold on this earth today. Today Thursday, November 12th 2009 was just another ordinary day at work. Get up at 530 am after pushing the snooze button one too many times, not really excited to start my day because of the lack of sleep I got the night before. Then pull my hair back in a messy bun, grab my protein bar, and head off to the gym to try and help others understand that fitness, and healthy living is important. My job is demanding of me. It requires me to give so much of myself to others, it requires me to motivate, inspire, and believe in others when they do not believe in themselves. Which in all reality, I don't believe in myself somedays, and I am constantly giving myself the same pep taik that I give to others. I am worth it! Today was good, I had the opportunity to yet again be passionate about what i do. I love to teach! I love it! I love that when I am in my own little world in the studio class, I feel the most safe, I feel the most loved, and I feel the most confident. I love that my friends show up to receive and to be apart of the positive energy. When I teach I feel as though everything is right in the world. I am so grateful that today, I got to experience that yet again, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. It is who I am, and those gifts are precious to me. I was grateful for today because I got to go to lunch with a dear and amazing friend in my life. The fact that I had the opportunity to take a break in my day to talk, and know that someone cared enough to listen. That friend made today great. I am truly grateful for friends that love me, because I love them so much. I was grateful for today because I have a wonderful Mom, with by a simple text to tell me how much she loved me, made me feel important. I love that today ended with a simple phone call from a friend I rarely talk to, letting me know that they were thinking of me. She wanted me to know she was there if I needed anything. It is so easy to look at every day as a routine, days are going by faster and faster. Weeks feel like seconds, and years more like minutes. We have a hard time stepping out of our daily routine to breathe and to just be in the moment. We let the simple things that make a day great, go by unnoticed. We live in a world of stress, depression, anxiety, and heart ache. But I think it is easier sometimes to fester in the negative, and we get in the habit of forgetting about the joys, and tender mercies that make us feel happy. Being happy is a daily choice, and somedays it is easier to choose the opposite. Two people can look at something in life and see it in two different ways. A mountain, some may look at a mountain and notice how tall it is, or how beautiful the colors are that make that mountain majestic. While others may look at it and notice the pain of the climb, and the rocky paths. Just like each day that passes by, some look at it and notice the best things about that day. While others may look at it and only wish to be in the next. Look at each day and paint your own beautiful, awesome, and inspiring picture. Paint it positive, and fill it up with love. My favorite quote is from my favorite movie Moulin Rouge, "The best thing in life is to love, and to be loved" Try to stay positive, and try to connect with those that you think need a pat on the back. You are powerful, and you have no idea the effect you have on others. Be the best part of their day. Because you can, and you have the power to be amazing! I loved today because I have my health, friends, family, and a roof over my head. I loved today, and I can't wait for tomorrow. Until then..goodnight!
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