Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Bittersweet Week in Review

Here are a few pictures of me and the kids and my cousin this week! Also a week in review following! Enjoy!

I have not had time to even think about sitting down to my computer and blogging about my days. This past week many things ocurred, some good, and some not so good. Let me review

*Hung out with my beautiful cousin Mekenzie about every other day. I love you Kenz!
*My awesome car broke down...couldn't have happened on a better day! Thanks to everyone that car pooled me or allowed me to borrow their car for the weekend and into this week. Allison, Britt, Garrett, Jessie and Megan. Thanks to those who offered to help! Oh and to my second father Jeff for trying to jump start my car! I can't forget Megan and I's great attempt..we are pathetic! It was funny though trying not to blow up the car or get shocked to death..or so we thought..Well atleast I would have died after Megan told me to hold onto it because she would rather have me get shocked then herself...good times!
*Laying out with Ashton at the Lifetime pool! SUN SUN SUN!
*Andrea Martinez for coming to my fusion class every Sunday and touching my life when she was emotional after class and gave me a hug.
*Talking with a old friend at Zupa's for lunch..highlight of my week.
*The Jazz lost which sucks, but made for a great time of hanging out with friends
*The AMAZING T-Mobile rep Renae..the great help she was with my blackberry. I talked to her every day this week because my phone was doing wonderful things to make my life easier. She made everything ok! Those customer service reps at T-Mobile are the best!
*Emily Gramillion, I can't express how awesome this person is..thanks for being the greatest friend!
*Stacey and Travis...giving me cliff bars after my class on Monday night so I can teach my second class in a row. They take care of me! I love these people!
*Sonja, she comes to my classes every week and she made my day today with her compliments
*My Fusion class, getting them choreographed and having great energy in the room. All the hard work pays off!
*MY AMAZING AMAZING FACIAL WITH ANGELA! I can honestly say this was the best part of my week
*Harmons, this new store in Draper is my new obsession. I have found myself going there on a daily basis for no good reason. The sushi is incredible! Try the California Nigiri roll and the Salmon Roll! YUMMY! Thanks Randy Harmon! :)
*My road bike, I went on a very long ride on Saturday. Megan you are a great rider
*Welcome to the wonderful world of training for Lotoja! I got in..Whitney..here we come!
*My cousin Spencer, our great talk we had after I picked him up from his haircut the other day on our drive home.
*Debb Thomas and Kaycee Dunfield. These two have no idea how amazing they are..thank you!
*Lori Ray's great eyebrow wax
*Heidi Ormsby, the way she makes me laugh so hard and she does not get why. She is one of the funniest girls I know. Thanks for the laugh this week when you imitated my walk
*four classes taught in one day..a career high. I was exhausted
*Sunday night at my sisters..thanks for making a great dinner
*I AM SCHEDULING MY SURGERY TOMORROW! I CAN'T WAIT...a new nose on the way! Consults over and done with..I am ready!
*I washed my I pod in the washing machine...only I would be stupid enough to do this successfully, oh and it still works! PHEW! I had to laugh really hard! I could not believe it.
*The great store URBAN BLUES in Draper. Greatest place to shop!
*Heather Wilks going away BBQ, I will miss you. :(
*No Limits circuit Erick and I taught Saturday morning for the charity event at LTF..Augies Quest. Thanks Ashli L, for doing such a fantastic job! GO TEAM!
*Whitney Pogue, the one person I talk to when I am in need of a understanding friend. You have no idea how amazing you are, thank you!
*Finding out that I will be taking a much needed trip to Lake Powell for a WEEK in a couple of weeks! YAY!
*Harry Potter 7
*Savannah's Smile oh and the new Vampire kick she is on lately makes me laugh!
*I had some awkward moments this week. Standing up too soon in church and making a fool of myself..I was supposed to say the closing prayer but got up to say the opening prayer and everyone laughed.
*Walked into the mens locker room at LTF and saw naked bodies, I went all the way in before I realized this was not a familiar place and died when I saw a few co workers getting changed and ran past the naked men showering. AHHHH
*Shaking a really hot guys hand at the movies on Saturday when he really went to hug me...that was awkward. Man!
*Saw What Happens in Vegas...I'm in love with Ashton Kutcher
*Staci Short for just being a great friend and instructor in my book

Well that pretty much sums it all up! Long but amazing week! Bring on the next!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Ok this was the longest day! Now I am home and I have something to blog about finally. Today we had a team building experience at Life Time. All the department heads and their assistants got together and cleaned the heck out of Life Time. I was not excited to clean but I was glad that I was able to be there for Kaycee. So, I put on a good attitude and as much as I hate to scrub down equipment and pick up garbage in parking lots we had a lot of fun! Kaycee also taught the management team a spinning class and kicked our butts. We also had a nice little lunch catered for all of our hard work. Needless to say I am exhausted because I still had to teach another spinning class tonight after my long day! Here is some pics of my day! Please no laughing at how I look...no shower, hair in a messy bun and in cleaning mode..not attractive :)

Just Me a Cleaning a MACHINE!

Abbey-Stacey-LeAnne oh and we can't forget weird Kaycee!

Kaycee on the floor and Heidi cleaning..Tyler is just watching

The Best Girls in the World! Mindy, Leanne, Stacey and Kaycee

Eating Together

Cycling Together

Kaycee Teaching! Kicking our BUTTS!
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