Sunday, September 28, 2008


So after a very grueling 2 weeks of recovery, I can finally show you all the new addition. It has been very un comfortable and has not been a party for me to say the least, but I am excited to have the hardest part over and done for good! I still have swelling and it will take an additional 3 months until my nose is completely where it needs to be...but here she is! Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A New Nose, Eh why not ;)

So I did it! I have wanted this surgery since I could say the word nose or knew what a nose was...I have had my doctor picked out for years! Dr. John Clayton. AMAZING! So my surgery was today and it took 3 hrs. I have never experienced general anthesia, so I was really nervous thinking about going under the knife. I had my Dad just drop me off at the front and I proceeded to go in by myself. I tried to act all tough girl like no I don't need my daddy to come with me, but I was freaking out inside! As I turned around to walk away from the car my Dad said well good luck, I love you! Then he said hold on, let me take one more look at that shnoz! HAHA! Jk, he said let me take one more look at that nose, I'm going to miss it. I started thinking to myself, I'm going to miss this nose has brought me alot of joy in life, that is sarcastic. The day has finally come because this has been my dream my whole life. If you grew up with me you would know this too. All my old friends and neighbors texted me today because they were anticipating this as much as me. Anyways, I walk in and meet the lovely nurse that would be taking care of me,and she looked legit so I was happy. She told me to put on the gown and I really had no idea what way it went, I was too embarrassed to ask her so I just guessed. I did put it on the right way, because they didn't tell me to fix it, but my cute pink undies wer sticking out from behind. I also had to wear booties and what looked like a shower cap. It was not cute, but who needs to look cute during surgery! Well I kinda did, this was an important day. I was scared until I met the blood doctor, his name was Dr. Foster. He made me feel so comfortable, he told me I know when I see a beautiful woman but I also know when I see beautiful veins, and yours are the most beautiful I have ever seen. He is like you work out right? Uh yeah! HEHE! I was thankful for the compliment. Next he had me follow him into the E.R. and I suddenly felt like I was on a episode of Grey's Anatomy, especially once I saw the operating table I would be laying on. I got freaked out and started to tear up. I wanted to say nevermind I like my nose, I'm peacing outta here! Dr. Foster could tell I was nervous so he put some nervous juice in my IV and about 30 seconds later I thought WOW this is an incredible feeling, and can I have more? He then goes on to inject what he called my happy juice and I do not remember a thing following. Because that is exactly what it was, HAPPY JUICE! I was out! I woke up in a bed not knowing where the crap I was and then remembered holy moly I have a new nose! I was happy to be alive and well! I came home and have felt pretty good the whole day, not alot of pain just tired. My dad came home sick from work today and hung out with me, he said I just rambeled all day to him. I was loopy! He told me it was the most I have talked to him in years...sad :)! I must have been talking alot, he told me he enjoyed conversation with me even if it did not make sense. I'm drugged and I'd like to keep it that way. Thanks to Megan and Jessie for bringing me a smoothie and hanging with me, I have the two best friends in the world...literally! Thanks to my Mom for waiting on me hand and foot all day,I love my mom. We are having a slumber party tonight downstairs because she has to be with me 24 hrs. I am glad that I could have surgery just so I could hang with my mom and dad all day. It has been nice. Here is a picture, enjoy! HA HA! No laughing please! I'll take picutures of the finished product on Monday.

Friday, September 12, 2008

LOTOJA September 6th 2008

Well I DID IT!I attempted and successfully completed the longest one day road biking race in the United States. The course travels from Logan and ends in the beautiful and to say the least BREATHTAKING Jackson Hole Teton Village. All together the race goes through 3 states, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming with a total of 206 miles and over 11,000 feet in elevation gain. I look forward to this race every year and I was especially excited for this year. The day was filled with the most exhilarating feelings of happiness, determination, pain, tears, joy, and complete rush! I am so blessed to have the health and endurance of my body to withstand such a day on my bike. I started the race at 7:04 am and crossed the finish line at 6:45 pm that evening. It was amazing to see the support there for me throughout the day. I cannot thank Megan, Jessie, and my cousin Janessa for being there for me to help feed me and make sure that everything was in tact for my ride. I have AMAZING friends, and family. Thank you to my parents for riding along side me when I needed them the most. Thank you to Keena Shaereer for riding with me as a mentor and support, I couldn't of asked for a better rider and friend to hang with throughout the day. Shane Evans, your a rockstar! Thank you for riding with me through one of the toughest parts of the race along the snake river canyon (the last 47 miles). Thank you to Julie Labrum, Whitney Pogue (my sister), and Sue Kertesz for the endless support of friendship and for always knowing what I need to survive on the bike. I love you! I am so grateful today for the talents I have and for the oppertunity this was for my life. It brought inspiration, humility, and confidence in my life and I am so happy to be alive! LIVE LOVE RIDE! Here is some pictures of my day. Enjoy!

Abbey and Keena ready to start! Janessa are you ready for a long day of supporting these crazy gals! :)

Just me ready to start a day full of fun :)

On our way from Montepeliar to Afton mile 90! 116 to go!

Me and my best friends and support! Montepeliar rest stop, mile 65!

Another pic of me and my girls!

Lotoja finish line! PHEW!

I'm finished! I had crossed about 5 minutes prior to this picture. My support crew. Jessie, Megan and Janessa! My legs were jello! I was so happy!

The three of us together. Finished! Abbey, Keena, and Shane! We rode most of the day together. I LOVE YOU GUYS!
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