Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Magic of Christmas

I just wanted to write a simple blog tonight about how grateful I am for the temple. As the Christmas season has begun, it is nice to know that I can visit the temple grounds..especially since it is almost in my back yard. I love to bundle up in my down coat, hat, and mittens and head out to see the lights down town at temple square. We are all so fortunate to beable to go and visit such a beautiful sight! It always is a good reminder of the real meaning of Christmas. The spirit of Christmas is so evident as soon as you walk in the gates of the Temple Square grounds. The last few years I haven't had the Christmas spirit in my heart. Life gets too busy and before I know it, Christmas has come and gone. I barely even remember last year. We are all so busy trying to get everything ready for Christmas morning. I don't have time to take a breath and take in the magice of Christmas. This year I want to have the Christmas spirit. I am going to blog throughout December atleast 12 memories of Christmas that I have had in my life. I got this idea from another fellow blogger friend of mine. It would be great if all of you joined in the fun! Reading other's memories and traditions would be very cool! Merry Christmas! Take time to enjoy the magic that Christmas brings. Take in and believe in the good spirit that lingers in your heart and your homes.

Friday, November 23, 2007


Man what a week! I have just come out of one of the most emotionally, life changing, exhausting, yet wonderful weeks of my life. I work in a job where it requires of me to give of myself to others through teaching and motivating them to live healthier. Up until this point I know that I have taken for granted that I have the health and strength of my body. Not only am I healthy, but I am strong. I have now started to train for the Coeur d'Alene Idaho Ironman in 2009. I realized how much I was taking my health for granted when my grandpa Daw was rushed to the ER last Monday. He was diagnosed with kidney failure through complications with his bone cancer. I have watched my grandpa go through this hard time and I have realized that he is so strong. He is so much stronger than any Ironman I will do in my lifetime. Watching him fight for his life has been a surreal experience. I did not know that I had the capacity to love somebody as much as I have loved my grandparents and family this past week. I have spent as many hours possible outside of work sitting next to his bedside holding his hand. I have gained pure wisdom that I would have never gained without this experience. I am very selfish! My focus is too much on myself and less on others. This experience has given me alot of humility. I decided that this was my oppertunity to show my grandpa how much I love him. I found myself at his bedside not only holding his hands but feeding him cranberry applesauce on Thanksgiving night. He did not get to enjoy the wonderful dinner that most of us enjoyed that day. His energy level is low to the point where he can't talk. It is the silent moments alone with my grandpa that I have learned the most. I sang to him Zippa DEE Doo DAW! Although my voice needs some work in the singing department, I knew he appreciated me singing to him because it is his favorite song. As I was singing, he grabbed my hand and just held on tight. I knew he loved me and appreciated my company that night. The greatest experience I have had with my grandpa this week was when I told him he was my hero. I did not believe he was going to make it out of the hospital, so I said my goodbyes. He replied back with as much energy as possible.."You know that song" I said, " what song grandpa?" He said,"The song wind beneath my wings" He than had tears rolling down his cheeks. I knew that he wanted me to know that I was the wind beneath his wings. I was an emotional mess and I did not want to leave his side. I was saturated in his love that I cannot deny. It is unconditional love. I have never felt so close to the spirit in my life. My eyes were opened to the fact that I need to lose my selfishness and take more time to do random acts of service for those I love.
Not only is my grandpa sick but so is his wife. You can tell that my grandpa is holding on to stay with his sweetheart. She has Alzheimers disease. She does not know who anybody is around her anymore. I have spent alot of time alone with my grandma. She is more confused and does not understand why her husband is sick. I can only imagine how hard this must be for my grandma. Yesterday, I had to tell her about 8 times that I was her grand daughter. She would say "Oh you are?" I said, "Yes grandma," "Ryans daughter!" "Your son." "Oh ok" she would say, "I will claim you." It is really hard watching somebody struggle with this disease. It has taken her so fast. We do laugh a ton! she makes us smile with her quirky little mannersims. She can play The First Noel on the clarinet like a champ. You also need to keep your eye on her. She will get into mischief. Like, hiding your car keys. ect. She is like a little girl. Her style is the double layered capris, church coat and socks with her mary jane shoes. Hence the picture above. She is so funny. I told her yesterday how beautiful she was every five minutes. She would immediatly forget the conversation where I reminded her earlier. "Grandma, you are beautiful!" she would say "I am!" eyes HUGE! she would say, "Nobody has every said that to me before." I said, "Yes grandma, I told you about five minutes ago!" "You are even more beautiful now." She would say, "I should write you a note and deliver it to you." I helped her as she wiped the counter off 59 million times, it is ok. It is what she remembers doing and it is her comfort. It was the moments like eating pumpkin pie with a fork out of the pie pan with my grandma. Watching her endulge this pie like it was the last piece she will ever eat. It was watching her pose for my camera as I told her I wanted a picture of her and her cool new style. It was her telling me that she will kick me if I splash her with water from the sink. :) Those are the sweet moments that I will NEVER EVER FORGET! My grandma is so beautiful. I have realized the things that really matter in life. When you see somebody close to you fighting for their life. The really important things become evident. You remember the things that bring you joy like family and friendships. A really good Thanksgiving dinner. Especially when you don't have the chance to enjoy the holiday with those you love so much. Traditions, memories, and all the things that frosted your cake in life. I am cherishing every moment I have left with my grandpa. He is strong and he is fighting. Eventually cancer will win the battle and I wont have him anymore. I can't wait for the next time I get to go sit by his bed and hold his hand. Don't take the things for granted in your life that are really important. Be thankful for your health and strength. Be thankful for for the people in your life that you know will be there to hold your hand at your bedside when you are sick. Those that will sing you songs, comb your hair, rub your feet and just tell you that they love you. Those are the people that have never left your side. Those are the people you can't take for granted. Until next time. LOVE to your full capacity! It will change your life.

Monday, November 19, 2007


I love my Family. Today was a really hard time for all of us. My Grandpa J. Weston Daw was rushed to the ER today with kidney failure. What an amazing man he is..it is really hard for our family to watch him suffer with this pain from his cancer. Our prayers our with him tonight as we climb into bed..hoping that he gets to spend one last Thanksgiving with our family. I am so grateful that Families are forever. I am so grateful that I have the gospel in my life. I know that whatever happens, I will get to spend the eternities not only with my grandpa but with my entire family. I want to tell my sister Amelia that I love you! I love you so much..hang in there my sweet sister. Your smile is beautiful Amelia..you are my best friend. Allison..I love you! You brighten my life. I always know you will be there for me. Garrett, your a clucker..but I still love you! :) Just kiddin your my hero. I am so glad you are my big brother. Amanda..Wow! You are something else..you brighten a room up every time you and your family walks in our house. I love Savannah so much that it hurts. I Love Ethan more than the moon and the stars. Sweet Madelyn..oh how I couldn't live a day without your smile...you truly are my angel..pinkies for life! :) Sarah..you goof! There is nobody out there like my monkey Sarah..your going to be a queen of the heavens one day. Cameron and Adam, I couldn't ask for better brother n laws. Cameron thanks for making laugh when you made fun of that singers outfit on the AMA awards last night. You always making me laugh! Adam thanks for being so caring and full of good advice. You are always sensitive to others feelings. Brittany..now what do I say about somebody that I think is perfect in every way. You are a beautiful woman..you are amazing in every way. Mom and Dad, I love you more than words can explain. Hang in there Dad..this is going to be a hard time but we will make it through as we stay hopeful, faithful and prayerful. Mom you are the most Christlike human being to walk this earth. Dad thanks for being my Dad. Mason..the newest extension of our family..what a blessing you are..you made us smile today when we were all sad..you just stood there smiling with your new haircut you got today. It is all we needed. I love you so much! I know this was long and sappy but I want my family to know that I love them and I am so blessed to be a part of the Daw clan. I am Thankful for them this Thanksgiving..more than I ever have been. Until next time...Smile...the sun will come up tomorrow and be grateful you are alive to feel and see it! Always be grateful for the health you have today.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Well I thought that I would blog about my trip to Vegas that I took this past weekend. Let me just tell you that I have a great family. I also have a great set of friends and a wonderful boyfriend who I love more than anything. The trip was my friends Katie and Cameron. My boyfriend Justin and my lovely parents Ryan and Shelly. I can't forget my sister Amanda and her husband Adam. We had so much fun hanging out and laughing. I did lose 5 dollars on the slots and I am going to blame it on Katie because she egged on that little situation...that little monster she is!!!! But oh how I love that girl...Katie I realized more so this weekend that she is one of my greatest friends....in fact I would say I could call her a very best friend. I love you Katie! Cameron now this person is so freaking funny! Wow, I laughed at everything he did..he is like a little boy. He is willing to do anything for anyone...in fact we trudged back and forth from our car a few times to un load our stuff and he gladly after all that stair climbing went back to the car to grab Katies sprite..it was very nice. He also went up to the waitress in the restaraunt and told them to get a Diet Coke for Justin because Justin didn't get to order one of his like 80 Diet Cokes he drank the entire trip. I couldn't have picked any greater people to hang with in one weekend. Justin was a patient person, I was awnry on Saturday and I love him dearly. Penn and Teller was a great show..but next time I go, I want to see "O". There was so many inmodest people walking around those stinky smelly casino's..the Daw clan stood out! We definetly had our clothes on in the right places. In that moment I was grateful to come from such a family and have a strong knowledge of the gospel...even though we did gamble and my dad did win 100 dollars in the slots and egged on my mom to keep playing! HAHA! Some stuff just really has to stay in Vegas. It was a fun filled weekend! Oh by the way let me just say that my sister Amanda is beautiful..stunningly beautiful. Adam is lucky to have her as his wife! So enjoy some of my pics from the trip. I am up for Vegas any ol time!! It is good to be back to fresh smokeless Utah air. Until next time!!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Ok so my friend Christina tagged me into this little game...I am sure most of you have already done this but here goes nothing. I will now give you seven interesting facts about myself that you don't know or may know about myself.

1. I want to be a novelist. Even though all of you who know me...know that I am obsessed with fitness and working in the fitness industry. I secretly plan on being the next J.K. Rowling. My dream is to have a book on the Oprah Book Club list...one day, I will!

2. I am deathly scared of flying in airplanes. So scared that I passed a trip to go to Hong Kong and Philippines. If I am in a airplane...a few rules apply. I have to sit next to a window. I have to put my Ipod in and it has to play Sarah Mclachlan the song "Black and White" it calms me down. Nobody can talk to me until we are at cruising altitude and after that I don't like it..it takes me focus away from how bad I am stressing. :) If I can see the ground below and no clouds in the sky from the window seat, it doesn't make me so scared. I scope out everybody on the plane making sure they look like they all have long lives to live. I pray alot. This alone needs therapy..I'm working on it.

3. I have tried out for "Survivor" 3 times...and I'm not giving up until I get on the show. I WILL fly to a island for that one.

4. My dream is to see "The Lion King" on broadway. Something about the music just takes me to a good, peaceful place. The Lion King was always my favorite growing up...hopefully in the next year or so I can fullfill this dream.

5. I have an obsession with Jackets. I love buying them and I love wearing them...it is my favorite article of clothing. I have alot of them and it is never enough.

6. When I was in Kindergarten, I was kinda a bully. I hate to admit this but I knocked out a girl named April's two front teeth and I threatened her not to tell anyone...and if she did....why I outta do this again. Needless to say she told the teacher right away, well she just had to smile and they would know. I think I haunted this poor April's life all the way through 2nd grade. I finally had the oppertunity to appologize to her a few years ago when she walked into the place I was working....I marched right up to her and asked her if she remembered me. "Of Course I remembered you" like it was a no brainer to her, and I told her I was very sorry for the way I treated her and I felt much better.

7. I have managed in my lifetime since the age of 16 to work at many retail places..I have no idea why but let me list all the places I have worked just in Retail! I don't even like retail that much but whatever....Gap, American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, Banana Republic, The Buckle and now currently working a few days a month at Anthropology. I guess I just like the discount!!

So there you have it! Some dorky dumb little facts about me that you may or may have not already known. ;) Have a good day! I tag Amanda because I think she is the only one on my friends list that hasn't already done this game. So there you go!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


So it is almost here...my first day up on the slopes to teach the little munchkins is only a couple weeks away. November 25th I take my first run done the Crooked mile. The Crooked Mile is the mile long run I take about a million times a season as the ski teacher for the Alf Engen Ski school at Alta Ski Resort. It is me and about a class of 10-12 little cuties from around the world. I will be blogging alot about the experiences I will be having this season. I will say it is one of the most exhausting jobs I have ever took on in my life. A day consists of checking in at 8:45 and ready to ski by 9:15 am. I meet all my class mates down in the cubs den at about 9:00 am. You can only imagine the looks of terror these parents have on their faces as they are in a foreign place about to release their child to a stranger that will be taking their kids down a very steep mountain. Sometimes it is the other way around..the parents no matter how tight the child is gripping their little paws to their leg they are ready to just let me have responsibility of thier little monster. They take off and the child stares at me with tears and snot streaming down their faces wondering where the hell am I...why is this girl putting me on these slippery double planked metal things and why do I have to fly down the hill on them...why!!! Some children are so excited they want to keep their snow clothes on and ski's while we wait for line up for 30 minutes..no matter how hot they get..they are ready to go. They immeditaly look to you as your best friend and fight to sit with Miss Abbey on the first ride up the ski lift. Some children are crying so hard that the snot from the cold weather is starting to stick to their faces as they repeat mom over and over again until I want to stick a shot gun to my head. The only thing that helps is the stash of starbursts I continue to bribe them with in my coat pocket for them to just be happy. Sometimes it works..sometimes it doesn't. There is usually a slow start...their gloves aren't on right...their coat is not zipped up and there parents have given them goggles and ski equipment from 1971...The children are bundled up with about 400 layers of clothing on a beautiful ski day. Sometimes the kid is chinese, russian,jewish,french,mexican..ect and their parents have no idea what they have come to expect in this foreign country in the great white snow of Alta Utah...not only is the child crying but I can't communicate with them because they don't speak my language..so I say moi bien all day hoping they all understand spanish..which means...ver good! I cary a book with me of translating other languages hoping that I get half the word out right in the first place. The child stares at me like I am a martian from outer space. Alot of the time the poor child can't even see out of these over sized goggles because they are fogged up from sweat steam. Their socks are tucked into their pants...no wonders they are crying. Despite the fact that I have to repeat over and over don't eat the snow please Johnny! Or come on dude you can get up! Please! No matter how many times I have to pull a class of seven up a hill while they are holding onto my poles.... because they all went opposite directions and I have the job of retrieving them out of the trees one by one...I feel blessed to be in these little ones lifes as a teacher because they teach me alot more than I teach them..I teach them how to hold a pizza and french fries as they go about 50 miles hour down the hill with their arms flaying everywhere laughing their heads off. They teach me beyond words to explain and that is why I take the duty on every season since 2004 and plan on forever. I enjoy every minute of playing eye spy on the lift, cleaning up about 25 cups of spilled hot chocolate after telling them to sit on their bums when they drink it and hugging these little puffy snow suited cuties. They trust me and they know they are safe. I love to be a ski teacher. Miss Abbey is the favorite....no doubt! If you want me to ski with your child this year...please just buy them goggles their own size and rent their ski's other than grabbing and dusting off some ski's you baught at a yard sale in 1970. Happy Skiing!!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


So this is my second blog and I must say that the reasoning behind my lack of blogging is because of the week I just came out of....it was very exhausting! Now that it is Sunday I am looking forward to Monday.......actually It came too quickly that I didnt have a chance to look forward to it...it is less than 24 hours away. Yesterday was a off day for me...it was one of those days that I just wanted to say, peace out world! I have every right to be Debbie Downer so leave me alone!! I actually needed to let off some steam, so for the first time I went over to Draper Park and read my book "Eat, Pray, Love" By, Elizabeth Gilbert. I sat in my car and got lost in every page. Nobody bothered me and it felt nice. I want to say that this book made me smile. It is so brilliant the way she portrays her life story. I would highly recommend anybody picking this book up for their next read. You will enjoy every page. I know that as the holiday's get closer this is a book I will be buying for all of my close girlfriends. So apart from my exhausting week and Debbie Downer of a day yesterday..I am very tired but happy today. I have so much to be thankful for and since it is the month of Thanks I am going to take every oppertunity I get to give my own thanks for the things in my life. I am Thankful especially for my health, I have every limb working wonderfully for me and I get to use my body on a daily basis to motivate others to be healthy. I am thankful for my best friends. Megan, Jessie, Katie, Justin and Amelia. I don't know what in the world I would do without these great influences in my life. Wow! Friends make a huge difference on my life. I am grateful I have a bed to sleep in and a warm bath to bathe in every single day if I would like....because baths are my favorite!!! I am thankful for my nieces and nephew whom I adore more than life. I am thankful for the beauty of this magnificant world we live in...I love to stop and stare at the beauty that surrounds me here in this valley as I make my way home from work each day in my car. If anybody doesn't know I climb pretty much to Mt. Everest to where I live each day, so I do get the luxury of seeing the beautiful views that surround this valley. I love my sister Amanda and Allison because I just do! Oh and Allison Don't worry, I have your birthday present...I need to find time to bring it over so you can enjoy it! Ok, my enchalada's are burning so I will need to stop blogging and go get them out of the oven. Until next time........Just know I am Thankful! :)
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