Friday, May 22, 2009


I know I posted a blog earlier today. But I had to share my exciting news. So, I have always been the one in the family that is a little bit crazy. If there is a challenge, I go for it. If there is a mountain, I climb it. If there is a marathon, I run it. Well you get the there is this Ironman, and I do it! So I have had this dream since I was a little girl. I dreamed that I would do an Ironman Triathalon some day. An Ironman consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 Mile Bike Ride and a 26.2 Marathon all in one day. Well the first Ford Ironman to come to Utah has arrived. It will be in St. George Utah in May 2010. I have been thinking about it and I have been wondering and I have been thinking about it and I have been wondering. The idea of it makes me want to throw up, but when I picture the finish, I get excited like a little kid in a candy store. So I have this dream, and I am going to accomplish it. My mom told me today that I graduated from marathon running, so it is time to go for it! If I am really crazy to attempt this, it does not matter now..I am signed up! As of 4:45 pm today. I am an offical entrant. It cost almost 600 dollars but I am so stoked! I want to inspire anyone who has a goal to do something, just go for it! Don't fear it, live for it!

Training will begin in October, I can do this! Wish me luck! Its my year! I will be an Iron Woman!

An Update! It's time to blog again!


Tara, Jessi, and I. Life Time Fitness Instructors

The Gang at Village Inn after a long night at the charity event

Prized donated! Thanks to everyone that donated. Install Pro, Utah Jazz, Impact Fitness Wear. Ect!!

Kaycee trying to deal black jack. She just entertained her table!

Kaycee and Jayden! How Cute!

Janessa my best cuz, indulging in the chocolate fountain! Donated by Cami Bingham

Heidi Ormsby dealing

Heid and Brian

The gang playing

Debbie dealing Texas Holdem

Man I love these two people! JT and Debbie Thomas

Tammy our Life Studio Department Head

Travis my favorite! I love this hat he won! He comes religiously to my cycle classes and is a mad spinner! LOVE YA!

It has been so long since I blogged. My life has been filled with new things to keep me busy. I have been working like a crazy woman, which is nothing new. I also planned a successful fundraising event at Life Time Fitness that I was very proud of myself for accomplishing. I decided that event planning is something that I will not go into in the near future. I did have a blast while doing it but now that it is done, I do have alot of stress off of my shoulders. I am glad that I could do this for the MS Foundation. Now the fun part, I get to go ride the MS ride at the end of June. What else is new, I am now incorporating a new healthy way of life with eating. I have been doing so well, and I love the changes I am seeing and feeling physically. Summer is arrived, the pools are opening up, and the mountains are calling my name to take my bike out for some many rides ahead. I have already completed Big Cottonwood Canyon and the St. George century this season, and hope to get out this weekend. I have a busy summer of training for upcoming events. I am doing most of these events with friends and I cannot wait! The Wasatch Back Relay is at the end of June as well as the MS Ride. Training now for the St. George Marathon and Lotoja. I am currently debating whether or not I should sign up for the St. George Ironman that will be happening next May 2010. Decisions, Decisions! Most of you would say that one should not be a hard one to make, but I am crazy! I guess I want to inflict more pain upon myself.

Dating life...well to be continued. Life is good! I love where I am right now, and I feel so happy about the direction I am taking. I feel like right now I have some very imporant decisions to make that will be very important for my future. So much to learn from right now. I must stay the course, and keep on climbing those tough mountains. I know that in the end I will be the apple on top! Happy Summer Everyone!
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