Thursday, January 29, 2009


Time for a new post! I thought I would blog on a few things that I absolutely LOVE! Because I LOVE life and I would rather write on positive things, because a positive heart brings good and more happiness to my life!

I LOVE RED MANGO! Red Mango is the greatest treat that I look forward to almost weekly. Not only is it to die for but it is incredibly healthy for you. There is over a billion bio protiens, and all natural ingredients. Nothing that is going to add to the pounds. This will actually help increase the rate you burn fat! Now that is a good thing! My favorite is Palmagranite and Orginal Swirled with Strawberry's, Blueberry's and Grahmn Crackers. Fort Union right next to Paradise Cafe! Go Try! Mmmmm Mmmmmmm Good!

I LOVE the movie Benjamin Button, this is a must see with Brad Pitt and Kate Blanchett. It was my favorite movie of this year so far. It is a must see!

I LOVE the organic yogurt I eat in the morning for breakfast. It is so creamy and delicious it just melts in your mouth. My favorite flavor is Key Lime and the brand is WALLABY! You can get it at Harmons!

I LOVE that I get to wake up next to the mountains. It takes my breath away. I live in the most beautiful part of Utah. I am so grateful for my home

I LOVE that when I am sick, my friends make sure I am ok! They make me soup and call or text to say they are thinking about me. That means more to me then they will ever understand, and that is why I choose to surround myself around friends I LOVE!

I LOVE that I can move! I can RUN, JUMP, SKIP, SKI, WALK, RIDE, SWIM, DANCE, ect! I am so grateful for a healthy, active body that works for me.

I LOVE Murad skin acne complex kit, for it saved my face from the worst breakout! Bless Dr. Murad for this product. You may get it at your local Ulta Skin Store. :)

I LOVE Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup! I will never use any other product or makeup as long as I live!

I LOVE Lake Powell, it is a place of peace, and reflection for me. There is nothing like laying on the top of a house boat gazing at the galaxy of incredible stars, wakeboarding on a beautiful glass lake day, or BBQing and playing cards with friends against the beautiful redrock and amazing views! I LOVE IT!

I LOVE Itunes, without Itunes I don't know where I would be, and Itunes without me..well I am sure your company would not survive! Tuesday is new release day! :)

I LOVE my FACEBOOK! Because it keeps me intouch with old and new friends!

I LOVE that I have no idea what tomorrow brings, isn't that an incredible feeling?! I love it because every day is a surprise of new adventures and happenings!

I LOVE that I can connect and empower people to be happy, healthy, and reach their goals. I LOVE TO TEACH!

I LOVE to be on a yoga mat and enjoy a peaceful practice

I LOVE energy that makes the hairs stick up on your arms and neck!

I LOVE nice people, I LOVE people that are genuine and mean the things they say and are true to their word.

I LOVE my family, and the fact that I can be together forever with them no matter what

I LOVE that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I feel like the luckiest person on earth because of my knowledge of the gospel.

I LOVE that you can get on a airplane and fly anywhere in the world.

I LOVE the feeling you have when you finish a great workout!

I LOVE the feeling of crossing a much anticipated finish line, after long months of training.

I LOVE long, deep conversations that make you think.

I LOVE children, for they teach me everything about being honest and joyful.

I LOVE my moms home cooked meals, and the fact that I know she will always be there for me when I need someone to lean on.

I LOVE having extra money at the end of the month and being able to buy a new outfit.

I LOVE people that pay compliments, it just tells me they are confident

I LOVE girls trips, because when its just the girls everything seems to be ok

I LOVE AHA moments...when something just clicks!

I LOVE that we have our intuition. Your intuition will never lie to you.

I LOVE the feeling of butterflies in my stomach when I am liking someone, and they actually like me back! :)

I LOVE shopping at Target and finding great deals!

I LOVE JILLIAN MICHAELS new book called "MAKING THE CUT" It is my fitness bible, and she is awesome! Watch the BIGGEST LOSER on Tues Nights! 14.00 at your local Barnes and Noble

I LOVE that I can pray and get revelation from GOD.

I LOVE laughing so hard, Crying till no tears come out, and Feeling uneasy or Sad because atleast I know I can FEEL.

I LOVE Trial and Error, because it makes me stronger

I LOVE waking up to no alarm clock

I LOVE the memories of 2003, some incredible things happened to me that year, and I had some incredible friends in my life that got me to where I am today. I will never forget those times, and those certain friends. THANK YOU! and I LOVE YOU!

I LOVE Sundays!


I LOVE Avocado's and my homemade Salmon Burgers.

I LOVE going to Harmons and getting fortune cookies from the Salad bar to find out my daily fortune! Yes..I do this often!

I LOVE a good hug!

I LOVE exciting news!

I LOVE forgiveness

I LOVE that I will fall in love one day and the BEST is Yet to COME!

I LOVE that there are miracles ocurring every single day!

I hope you take more time to LOVE each day!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I love my friends

I just wanted to say that I love my two friends Kaycee, and Debbie. They mean the world to me. Thanks for being such fun, awesome and genuine friends. I have so much fun working at Life Time for Kaycee, she is an incredible mentor, and friend, and not to mention the funniest person I know. Debbie, is a rockstar, she is the most selfless person I know. Serving all around her and wants everyone to feel loved. They both have definetly made my life happier and I just wanted them to know! :) Love you guys!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Alot has happened

Well it has been quite some time since I have even logged onto blogger. ALOT has happened, and I have not had the time to be apart of the blogging world...but I am back and ready to elaborate on where I have been. I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season and new year 09. I was very excited to ring in 2009, and I have many goals that I am going to attempt to accomplish this year and I already cannot wait. I have a feeling that 2009 will be one of the best! Since I have last blogged, I decided to pack up my bags and leave the Daw nest of Ryan and Shelly. They have been the best roommmates a daughter could ask for, but it was time, and I was very ready for the change. I have gladly welcomed this change in my life and I have already seen the positive effects from making this move. Thank you Mom and Dad for the late nights of watching all of our Tivo'd shows and hanging out, I will always be grateful for your love and support, I promise to never return :). I live in a beautiful area that I can bike,run, and ski. Most ski resorts are literally in my back yard. It is perfect! I live with the most beautiful roommmates and I am so grateful for their friendship. Katie and Marie have been the best and we have a blast living with eachother. We sit up late nights and watch our TV shows on Katies lap top, and we laugh about bad date stories..we have plenty to go around with the 3 of us! We cannot wait to have Jessie join the crew in a couple of weeks. Besides moving and getting settled in my new place, I have enjoyed working at Integrated Wellness, and working on some great projects at Lifetime Fitness. I am so grateful for my life and where it is headed. I could not be happier! Hope to hear from all of you soon. Here are some new pics!

My New Home

The street we live on, at the base of the mountains. BREATH TAKING!

Our backyard, and our friend that likes to hang out often

My BEAUTIFUL roommates and best buddies, Katie and Marie

Abbey and Katie! I love you Katie!
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