Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I don't know what has come over me lately, but I have not felt like blogging. I have never worked so much in my life and I can't seem to detach myself away from it these days. I will though blog tonight, even though it is yet another boring survey about moi.

Anyways, I was browsing amongst my beautiful friend Heidi's blog and took this blog idea away from her page. So enjoy this new blog and have a fantastic week. Also, these pictures are of our back yard campouts we have every summer with the fam. It is so fun! I can't wait...I just hope for the weather to finally get warm enough, we are ready already! GEEZ

A- Attached or Single: Single :(
B- Best Friend: Megan, Jessie and Katie (there is nobody like these girls)
C- Cake or Pie: Holy cake! Yes, cake. My mom's texas roadhouse brownies. They are so good I could swim in them. My favorite cake though, confetti you buy from the store with the confetti chip frosting. I guess I like cake
D- Day of Choice: Sunday, it is the one day I get to spend some time with my family and go somewhere besides work.
E- Essential Items:Yoga mat and Ipod lots of relaxing with these two items
F- Favorite Color: Brown, Green and Red
G- Gummy Bears or Worms: Gummy worms
H- Hometown: Draper Utah
I- Indulgences: Cookies and Icecream.
J- January or July: July by far. No competition. January is good for ringing in the new year but after that PEACE OUT! I am ready for July. There is nothing like the smell of BBQ's and Fireworks on the 4th of July. oH and FLIP FLOPS!
K- Kids: Yes for now they are Sarah, Madelyn, Savannah, Ethan, Mason, Vincent, Brie, Maddie and CiCi..until I have my own...these are my kids. I love them like I would love my own.
L- Life is incomplete without: The gospel, Family, Friends, Road Bike, Yoga, Music, Movies, Laughing, Dancing, Traveling, Prayer, The Mtns and The Beach.
M- Marriage Date: Ohh thats the beauty of my life, its like a game I play every day...guess when I will get married? And the million dollar answer is...who the hell knows. I'm very patient
N- Number of Siblings: 4, Garrett-My Hero, Amanda-My Comforter, Allison-My Sunshine on a bad day, Amelia-The Comic and Best Friend. I don't know what I would do without these people in my life. I love you!
O- Oranges or Apples: Apples they say keep the doctor away..but I do like Oranges better.
P- Phobias or Fears: Never finding love and becoming a mother.
Q- Quote: You make a living by what you get, but you make a life but what you give. -Winston Churchhill
R- Reason to Smile: I'm alive and I have the best job, family and friends in the world. I am very blessed.
S- Something New: I baught two pairs of shoes today at Famous one get the other 1/2 off. Good Deal! Kathleen baught me a darling shirt from her trip to AZ this weekend that is so cute. LOVE IT!
U- Unknown Fact About Me: I want to be on Oprah really bad
V- Vegetarian or Oppressor Of Animal: I am kinda a vegetarian, I don't like a lot of red meat.
W- Worst Habit: WORRY WORT
X- X-Rays or Ultrasounds:Ultra Sounds of course..usually its about a baby in the oven.
Y- Your Favorite Food: I like a good Pizza from Papa Johns
Z- Zoo Animal: Monkeys

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Week In Review

I feel like my life has not been that exciting lately. Pretty much going through the motions of each day the last couple of weeks. This week though was many things all packed in one. It was full of craziness as well as exhausting, emotional and completely draining! It is now 10:45pm on Sunday night and I am done, yet I felt like a lot was accomplished. Here is my attempt to elaborate on the good things that happened to me this week.

-Ran the SLC Half Marathon on Saturday morning and did great. Congrats to Cristin Jacketta, Andrea M, Melissa, Cari, Jenn, Ashley, Susannah, Chelsea, Megan, Patti, Emily,Jen D and all those that were on the Life Time team that did so well and finished successfully!
-Officially landed a new job promotion as the cycle master lead instructor at Life Time Fitness
-The Sun came out on Monday
-Talking to the T-Mobile customer service rep on they have good customer service. I learned all about her life and she pretty much learned about my life. Megan from made me actually have a better day! My stupid razor phone broke and you made everything better by being so nice. Good CS goes a long way! Its crazy how you vent to people when you are having a bad thanks for letting me vent to you my T-Mobile friend :)
-50 people in my Fusion class made me feel so happy!
-Michelle Funk, she is such a bright face to see and uplifted me today at church
-The Book of Mormon
-My Mom made this week amazing
-Brother Moyer
-I spent a few nights over at Amanda my sisters house. It is always a party over there. Listening to Sydney and Amanda talk is quite entertaining. I couldn't get enough. Amanda's homemade weight watchers cake. Everything about hanging out at Amandas this week made me feel good. I needed to spend time with my family.
-Savannah holding my hand while we watched "The Seeker" Friday night.
-Ethan sitting by me today while he played his Nintendo DS this afternoon
-Emily from work...just an amazing person
-Cycle always
-Watching an episode of Ellen Degeneres when she posed as a facialist in Orlando last month. Laughing so hard, tears were rolling down my face.
-Stacey and Travis, members that come to every class I teach. I truly love these people with all my heart
-My uplifting Group Fitness family. We had a looong meeting on Saturday afternoon but they are always there to make me smile. They are an amazing bunch!
-Carlie is hanging in there another week on American Idol. She was not even in the bottom three last week. PHEW!
-Brothers and Sisters came back on Sunday night tv.
-Fudruckers with Jeff, Sherry and My Parents Friday night...a great ending to a horrible day! I don't even like Fudruckers but I didn't care, I was with my two sets of parents
-A text from JW, dinner on Thurs :)

Well that is all I can think of tonight. I hope everyone had a fabulous week. Just remember to keep those you love close to you and never let those friendships go in your life you cherish most. I have a few old friends on my mind and I hope they know how much I love them. For now thats all FOLKS!! Next week is new, make it even better than last week!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I was reading another friends blog and I thought that I would steal her blog idea. Nobody tagged me into answering these questions. I am bored and I have not posted a blog for awhile so here is another bit of interesting news about me I guess.

What I am doing: Sitting here at my computer because I am bored stiff. I don't have to work until tonight. I have time to waste I guess.
What I’m proud of today: I am proud of the fact that I get to run the SLC 1/2 marathon on Saturday with a bunch of great individuals who I have coached and helped train for this race for 12 weeks now.
What I’m thinking about: I have to go downtown to pick up my number and packet for the race, wash my car, clean my bathroom and still send in my now LATE TAXES!
Who is home: Nobody
Plans tonight: Teaching a spinning class and that is about all I have planned for the night.
My weekend was: A lot of fun. Well....kinda. This weekend will be much better.
What’s for dinner: A Salad or a Lean Cuisine. The USUAL
Thoughts about love: OH we don't want to make this post into a 500 page sob story so I will just say. adshfldjg;dlkga;dlkhfas
Feelings about life: BE PRESENT and you will become POWERFUL. Literally
What I need: LOVE
What I want: The weather to stop playing mean tricks on all of us. We need the sun already!
What I have: My confidence
My pet peeve: Cereal Eaters...LOUD ONES. Like my Dad. SLURPING, CHEWING, It really gets to me.
My guilty pleasure: Getting my hair done and paying alot of money for it. I could care makes me feel good.
What you don’t know about me: Well we don't need to know everything do we. NAH!
What I can hear: Barbara Walters talking on The View on T.V. She bugs! That just means I need to get ready for the day and get out of the house. ASAP!
What I can smell: Nothing
My style: I am into Anthropolgie. Nordstroms. I like to be original and comfortable at the same time. Not dressy or too girlie. But....usually it is just my workout clothes because I am always in them. So, Nike..Impact Fitness. ;)
My hairdo: Long and a little wavy.
My outfit: Workout yoga pants and a nike white pullover.
My mood: Bored
The weather today: Sunny but chilly.
Thoughts on parenting: I am not a parent. (Yet) Lets hope I can answer this question in a blog five years down the road.
Thoughts on marriage: again, I am not married. Lets hope I can answer this question in a blog a year or two down the road. SERIOUSLY!!!!
Thoughts on politics: I listen to the O'reily factor on a constant basis and I still don't get what crap is going on in this world. I will just stick with Pres. Monson.
Thoughts on celebrity gossip: A good way to relax on the coach. This is another guilty pleasure of mine.
Thoughts on beauty: Beauty lies within everyone and is beautiful when it is finally discovered within yourself.
Thoughts on sleep: I love it, I look forward to it every night.
Thoughts on writing: LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
My favorite appliance: Kitchen Aide, treats are always made when you use them.
My favorite car: Range Rover
My favorite splurge: Clothes, Getting hair done.
My favorite beauty secret: Smile
My favorite treat: Icecream or French Fries from Rumbi Grill
My favorite everyday pleasure: Teaching others to be healthy, active and confident.
Ten years ago: I was 16 and a sophomore at Alta Highschool. Just got my drivers license. Playing on the sophomore basketball team. Very timid and shy.
Five years ago: 21 years old. Just beginning my career in fitness. Working at the Treehouse. Going to SLCC college. Running my first couple of marathons.
One year ago: Working at Life Time Fitness. Finishing up a season at Alta Ski Resort. Just getting into a brand new relationship with a great guy. Starting to work at Impact Fitness and preparing for the fun summer I would have at convention, California.
One year from now: Preparing to compete in my first Ironman in Coeur D'Alene Idaho. I have no idea, that is the great mystery of life. I hope to progress each day and reach my highest potential when it comes to job and LOVE!
Five years from now: WOW! I have no idea. I hope maybe to be a presenter for Idea Fitness. Starting a family. Living in Utah in a cute little home with a hot and very good man who will be my husband.
Ten years from now: A Family that is all I wish for in the future.
I’m famous for: My contagious outgoing personality on life. The positive energy I bring to each day.
I’ll never be famous for: Dancing skills and my singing skills.
Who I am: Daughter, Sister, AMAZING Aunt, Baby Sitter, Mentor, Daughter of God and Athlete.
Who I hope to be: An example to those around me. I hope to serve others as much as I can. I hope to be humbled each day. I hope to be more than I thought I could.
What I’m thankful for: The GOSPEL, Family and the AMAZING Book Of Mormon that has made me believe that anything is possible for me in this great life.

So there it is! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved typing it! ;)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A WEEKEND OF FUN! Studio Soiree and St. George

Ok so I am about to blog about one of the funnest weekends I have experienced in a LOOOONG time. Before you scroll down and look at my pictures let me tell you about these pictures before you judge me right away. I went down to Studio Soiree with my friends on Friday night for a girlfriends bachelorette party. Now let me tell you a little about Studio Soiree. I recommend this place to any woman. It is a fitness pole dancing class. I don't know if any of you have heard about these classes but they have done a episode on Oprah about fitness pole dancing. I figured if Oprah can do it, I can. My friend from work came in one day and was very excited about these classes she has been attending on a weekly basis. At first I was a little reluctant to believe that this was something that I should be doing. I figured I would go out on a limb after she explained the idea of the class and go with my friends on Friday night. We got there and the studio was so cute and I was excited once I saw the studios. I didn't have the feeling that I needed to leave right away. It was very much a FITNESS class. The idea is to just feel more like a woman. It was all I needed to let go a little bit and have some fun girl time. So yes, we danced on a pole. Let me just tell you it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I did pretty good if I must say so myself. Your core has to be incredibly strong. The instructors teach you the Firemans spin and the Tinkerbell spin. I was very good at the Tinkerbell spin. We turned upside down and we also had competitions to see who could climb up the pole and touch the ceiling first. Heidi and I tied for the best pole climbers. For the first time in my life I felt a little sexy :). I ran from pole to pole turning as fast as possible and laughed my guts out! In the end my friend Melissa and I TRIED to put our sexy on and do a dance for the group...all in good taste I promise! I am a good girl. I really do recommend this class to anybody!!! It will make you feel at ease in your own skin. No men ALLOWED!Perfect for a girls night out. You walk out feeling two inches taller from letting all your stress leave your body. I had so much fun with my friends. I will tell you, in the end the instructor teaches you all how to give a lap dance. It was hilarious. I am not married, but when I am my husband better be prepared for the best lap dance of his life. I hope he has never had one though before me..HA! Although I was the designated driver for the night, it was one of the funnest times I have had in a long time. Melissa congrats on your upcoming wedding! I am so excited for you. I love you so much. Any woman out there that is interested in this class the studio is in Sugarhouse and it is called Studio Soiree. I am going to take my sisters and my mom next time! Get ready you guys! Here are some pics of the night!

I also got home from St. George, I left early Saturday morning. I was so great to be with my family. I took a long bike ride this morning through Snow Canyon and It was so refreshing. I am so grateful for the things that I have and I am especially grateful for my family. It was so much fun taking a run with my mom and Amelia yesterday. It has been awhile since I have had sister and mom time. I love Allison and Cameron so much, thanks for keeping me company today on the long drive home. Cameron was a sport to sit in the back seat and play with Mason. I am so grateful that I could listen to conference and know that the gospel is everything to my life. My testimony is so strong. St. George thank you for delivering the 80 degree weather this was all I needed!

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