Wednesday, July 16, 2008

IDEA Fitness Convention July 8th-13th 2008, Top Ten List and more...

The AMAZING booth we set up at the expo! Impact Fitness Wear

Good Times! First day selling!

Megan the owner of Impact Fitness this is why I came to help support her and her awesome fitness clothing line!

Mindy what a cute person she is, I loved hanging with you Mindy!

I LOVE YOU KIRSTEN her and I had the funnest time's with the Top Ten list! We will sure miss the juice man.

Danny! What a good sport! Megan's hubby, he was always working so hard to make us girls happy! The trip would not have been the same without you.

Well I'm finally home after a crazy June and July! Every year I go out to this convention to get some much needed ideas for my group fitness career in teaching. This is very entertaining for me to attend Idea. Usually what happens is I go and really I don't come home with tons of ideas. What I do come home with is hillarious stories and great memories. This convention is packed full of people of every shape, size and say the least! Master presenters from around the nation come and present their format to the attendees. (Which are other fitness instructors, guru's ect.) Our day's are packed full of workouts and lectures. Then there is the awesome expo where vendors come with their product to sale to the many of us who just don't know how to stop swiping that piece of plastic on more and more and more fitness clothes and accessories. I have more work out clothes than I can use but I kept buying and its all in good fun! Here are some highlights.

The last couple of years I have also been going out there to work for Impact Fitness Wear and sell Megan's awesome fitness clothing line at the expo. It is a hoot! We made up the top 10 list and if something is funny or weird enough it goes on the top 10 list for the top funniest things we see at the convention. If you make the top ten then it has to be good!

Kirstin and I's second top ten. This is just not right. This guy's shirt was a little small but you can tell he is really into aerobic's. We saw a whole bunch of these type's of outfit's on the wrong gender.

Tuesday July 8th
*Fly out to Vegas at 8 am with Sariah, stoked to go to Vegas!
*Meet Megan at the Marriot it is 115 degrees! Can't wait to work her Impact Fitness booth!
*Set up booth and expo hall opens at 4:30-7pm. First top ten occurred within ten minutes of opening. I called it! I told Megan and the girls that the Asian's love the headbands for some reason its their favorite thing. Well we put the headband's up and guess who are first customer was, well I will post a picture. It was awesome! We laughed our butts off!

*Close down the booth
*THE FUN REALLY BEGINS...Meet Kaycee at the Condo at 10:30 P.M.
*Go to the store and run into a man with a gun at Food 4 Less, NO JOKE! We were trying to dodge him the entire time, but Kaycee walked down his aisle kiddin me. She said she didn't want to look like a target. I was outta there. No more Food 4 Less anymore. We did get our oatmeal. PHEW!
*Emily arrives at the condo 1:30 a.m.

WEDS July 9th
*Wake up time to go to the EXPO and work! MORE TOP TENS TODAY!
*Strike with Kimberly Spreen from Lifetime Fitness at 5:30 AWESOME WORKOUT!
*Dinner at Grand Lux Cafe for Megans Birthday. YUMMY!
*Go back to condo goodnight!

All of us girls! Happy Birthday Megs!

THURS July 10th
*Wake up and head to EXPO SELL OUR GUTS OUT!
*Kaycee picked me up at EXPO we head back to get ready for SUSHI at a place called RA. VERY YUMMY!
*hung out and baught fun make up in Sephora, went dancing and went to a piano bar. Fun times!
*Get stuck in a parking garage at 4 a.m. took us 45 minutes to find a way out, had to get security. I thought I was going to die of being so tired!
Kaycee and Abbey at the Piano Bar. Kaycee is always one to make a trip a bit more exciting with her humor and the way she just is! I want to thank her personally for the many laughs and good times! I don't know if many could say they love their boss. I love my boss and she is a great friend.

Emily Dancing!
FRIDAY July 11th
*Kaycee and I went to a hole in the wall Sushi place for dinner that was amazing!
*Sonic Burger Shakes! Getting fatter by the minute
*Go back to condo and just hang in our pajama's.
*Bed time

SATURDAY July 12th
*No Expo today
*Do some damage at the outlets.
*Drive to St. George and stay at Kaycee's parents house

SUNDAY July 13th


Part of our Top 10 List. I spotted this guy at the Piano Bar, he looked like he just needed a woman. It was so funny!


1. Asian lady buying the first headband, after I called it! If you were there you would have laughed your brains out!
2. Guy in the aerobics its just not right.
3. Lady with the red shiny fake leather purse shaped as a watering can. I thought she was coming in to water our clothes...oh wait its a purse.
4. The guy running for dear life on the strip passing up two girls standing on the side walk in there running clothes and shoes doing nothing..who should be running here?? This other guy was in his jeans and tee funny!
5. The old lady decked out in spandex and eighties leg warmers with boxers over the top of her pants rocking out in a dance session. I literally thought I was going to die! She had some great moves if I must say!
6. Kaycee missing every possible exit and never one time getting on the right exit..well maybe once, the last day.
7. The old lady rocking out at dynamix music booth with the ear phones on and acting like nobody was watching. She had a magnifying glass in one hand because she couldn't see the songs she was picking. Not to say the least her little jig she was doing while listening to the music selections.
8. The guy at the piano bar decked out in American Flag apparel and all sorts of pins on his shirt. Enjoying his time alone, but he did need a lady!
9. The camel toe I called out..yes the many camel toe's I called out but this one was the worst of all..and sad to say I think the lady heard me because she looked down at her crotch and left the booth...I felt bad!
10. A lady that had probably size triple ee boobs and I am not exaggerating!She asked for a size small tank and than I looked at Kirsten with all sorts of confusion when she told us she was a 32 bust. Lets just say we got Megan. HILLARIOUS!


Danny and Megan Adams said...

Seriously. This made my day! I am still laughing....

Thanks so much for everything!!


Trish said...

Great run down! I wish I would have made a top ten list...I think I actually saw some of your top ten's though! It was so great to see you...yes....even if only for a minute!

Jason and Mills said...

That sounds fun! If only you would have got drunk! are always doing fitness stuff...that's great. Good for you :) Love ya.

chadandsydney said...

That is the longest blog ever. The pic's look good but I cant read all the. I dont read.can you call and read it to me?oh I got to go throw up now.BYE

Heather said...

Oh abbey what a life you have!! Cant wait to see you, we missed you at lunch!! love ya

Palmer Family said...

I was laughing so hard at your list. I wish I could have been there. I need to laugh!!

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