Thursday, June 19, 2008


Well after a few months of arriving back from one of the greatest times of my life, I am finally posting pictures. To recap, this trip was probably one of the greatest oppertunities I could experience with Life Time Fitness. This job is my passion in life. Going to Minnnesota only helped me gain a deeper gratitude for what I do each day. While I was there I was chosen to be on the Board of Directors by Braham Akradi the CEO himself...what an experience! I will never forget it! I will also never forget laughing so hard till my stomach was about to burst. I met people that have influenced my life and I am so lucky to have them as friends. Thanks Kaycee again for choosing and having in confidence in me to be a part of this awesome weekend! I LOVE MY JOB!

Kaycee and Abbey while getting our butts kicked by Braham as he engaged us in our first cycle class of the three day summit! We had no idea what we were in for..AHHH! Those are not smiles of joy, they are smiles of pain...Kaycee would have to agree!

Amazed and taking everything in!

Getting ready to ride!

WOW so much fun!

Another rock star cycle instructor Tara from Dallas Texas.

Braham Akradi the CEO of Life Time Fitness! Teaching us how to uh...sweat!

Braham and Kimberly. Kimberly is the Group Fitness Department Head for Life Time Fitness! Awesome person!!

The gang

Emily, one of the coolest girls I met at the summit

Rob Glick, he is big time!

Braham's personal DJ. Roberto Costas! He is so dang cool! He provided our music for the week! He can make some mad remix's!

Rob Glick again...
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Summit Attendees!

More and More and More of us!

Dana and the girls! We were all in the same van and boy did I have fun with all these girls.

So there you have it! Those are some of the best times of my life! I can't wait to continue this amazing journey with Life Time Fitness!


Kristin said...

Wow girl that looked so amazing!! I need to come to another class so I can get my butt kicked again! I love it! So your amazing and you have an awesome weekend!! Love ya girl

chris said...

I saw your team on the MS ride list. kristin and I will be there with healthsouth. it's going to be great. we'll see you there

Joel said...

When did you do this? It looks like a blast, PLUS people from Minnesota are awesome ay? Just looking at those pictures made my butt hurt. You are awesome Abbey!

Lisa said...

So there is one recurring thought going through my mind as I look at all these pictures....."These people actually look comfortable on those bike seats, as if they are just kicking back, relaxing, chatting between classes and CHOOSING to punish their butts by sitting on those seats." You are all insane! My poor sacrum hurt just looking at them. I need an office chair for the seat on my bike. Looks like you had a blast!

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