Sunday, June 28, 2009


My girls. Debbie and Kaycee, I would not have been able be the captain of this team this year without their love and support! Thanks for all you did for me this weekend.

LTF Pre Team Dinner. MS150 2009! Abbey Team Captain

Ryan, Andrea, and Stacey

My Team and Support Every day in life!

Abbey and my two fav Debbs!

Abbey and Debb

The Gang! These are incredible friends in my life!
Debbie, Kaycee, and I. My 2 Favorite Women in the world. They teach me so much on a daily basis. They do tease the crap out of me, but I know its because they love me. PS. I designed the jersey's this year. Tell me what you think! :)

Thanks for all of you who have been patiently waiting for my playlist. I decided that from now on, I will be posting my song pick for the week, a current cycle playlist, and my Fusion release for the month playlist. I want to help other fellow instructor friends find good music for their classes, along with those dedicated LTF members and guests that come to my class on a weekly basis and want my music. I wish I could burn all of you a cd, but unfortunatly there is too many of you, and I want to accomodate all! Music and teaching are my passion, thanks for taking this journey with me every week in class! Here are also some pictures of the month of June! Enjoy!

Tai Chi-ENIGMA: Following the Sun
Sun Salutations- The Verve: Bittersweet Symphony
Standing Strengths-Transformers Soundtrack: Hope Runs Deep
Balance-Marie Digby-What I've Done
Hips-Jody Messina: Burn
Core-OneRepublic: Apoloigize (LIVE)
Back-Michelle Branch: Happy Now
Twists-Sia: Breathe
Hamstrings/Folds/End Tai Chi-Rob Thomas: Now comes the night
Prepare to relax-Sarah Mclachlan: Good Enough (Felicty Soundtrack)
Relaxation: David Tolk-Fields of Gold B-Tribe-She moves through the fair Paula Cole-Me



Jessie Moore said...

Goood for you Abbs!!! You always amaze me with the great things you are accomplishing and I am proud to call you friend. I sure do love ya!!

Kristin said...

Abbey!!! So I saw you and I wanted to say HI, however you were with your girls and I felt dumb. You and your girls are so amazing! You all look so remarkably toned and fit oh and gorgeous! Love ya Abs! I know you rocked it!

Debbie Thomas said...

ThAnks Abs. I loved that ride! It was so fun doing it with you. The jerseys were great and I think you made me laugh about every 5 minutes. You are an incredible person and I feel so blessed to have you as my friend.

moretonfamily said...

Abbey you are truly an amazing person. I love your fusion class and I am so glad you have posted your playlist. I know you work so hard to bring us the best. It shows and we all love you for that! Thank you! Do you think you could post your May fusion playlist, too? The one with "pokerface"? Thanks!!

danalynn said...

Thank you for posting your play list. It is nice to have an outline for the class so I can create my own class! What was the song you used for sun salutations in your last release?? Let's get together and work on this stuff soon!

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